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USS Forrestal C-130 Hercules Carrier Landing Trials

For all you skeptics who say a 130 never landed on a carrier. Here's a Youtube video to show how it's done. No hooks, no wires, just a couple of converted fighter jocks and some good old fashioned flying skills ( Altro...

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This was done in Oct. or Nov. 1963. This C130 Hercules is now in the National Museum of Naval Aviation at NAS Pensacola, Florida. The USS Forrestal is now decomissioned and awaiting to be scrapped.
I put one down inside a parking lot in Tulsa, OK - 1974
99NY 2
Not a normal thing. Wondering what the occasion was: emergency, missed airport, fun, pick up girlfriend, etc.
It was bet - did it in 300 yds.
BaronG58 1
Was it at Walmart?
No - don't remember any wallys in Tulsa that year.
A couple of months ago the topic came up and a few people took issue with the possibility of a 130 operating off a carrier. When I stumbled on to this video, I thought it would beat any argument I could make.


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