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Missing Filters B787 LOT

The filters were stolen. The motive: they will be used as a pattern and fabricated in China. Fake aircraft parts is big business. ( Altro...

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bentwing60 1
Has anybody found the filters? Didn't find them on the link. Roland, I'm missing something. Agreed on the fake aircraft parts. Part of a failing culture, not just ours.
Bent. On another thread on here I got a clue leading through FL in USA. I did the research and then the plot resolved. There is only one reason those filters would be missing. They wanted them as the pattern to reproduce. Call it creative but the journos do the same and unti someone can prove otherwise this has to be the main motive
Pileits 1
Link below. Its stolen FUEL filters
Ok thanks
I would guess the filters are in Shenzeng and are prolly being torn apart to copy.


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