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JetBlue unveils new tail design

Three years since its latest tail design, Barcode, was unveiled, JetBlue's newest design has finally been given a name. The design, which was initially spotted on a plane in Germany undergoing testing, is the ninth regular pattern for JetBlue and the 15th overall including special patterns. ( Altro...

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"Unfortunately, the expected October 1 delivery did not occur. Due to the government shutdown, the Aircraft Registration Office in Oklahoma City was not operating. Due to this, no aircraft can be added or removed from the US aircraft registry. According to Congress, it was non-essential.

The FAA, who operates the office, wasn't expecting the closure themselves. However, this means that no planes can be delivered to or from the US."

Many essential but non-emergency offices should be removed from the government teet, and funded directly through user fees. That way they will be somewhat insulated from unnecessary government interference.
My fave with eye candy.
Just why the USA continues to slef destruct eludes me.

Now I am not a political activist. But I have to ask. How much longer will the USA people put up with the politicians who have NO OTHER INTEREST THAN THEMSELVES.
pdixonj 1
Easy answer...we will continue to put up with it until we stop putting politicians in office that will work only for our "own" selfish divided interests, rather than the interests of the country as a whole.
Excellent point..sad thing is that you ain't gonna be able to pay the bills. Getting this idea across is nigh impossible.
That's why the government shutdown and discussions of debt limit introduce important sues of long-term consequences to the public discourse of the country and the world.

I can't imagine that discussing the spending and debt if the country wouldn't make investors in the country's debt more secure that steps are bring taken to reign in the excessive uncontrolled growth if government spending that will otovr to be sustainable.

How can the media suggest that steps to talk about and discuss the issues that have the power to destroy the prosperous future ov the country would in any way harm the country.

Greater transparency. More openness. More discussion, that creates a more informed electorate. All good things.
Alan Winn 0
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JetBlue tailfin design overview

JetBlue Airways, know for its creative tailfin designs, plans to debut its latest Prism design on the airline’s Airbus A321 aircraft just joining its fleet. The illustration shows all their tail designs over the years.


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