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Last Call - 1940 Air Terminal Museum Piper Cherokee Raffle Tickets

Drawing for the plane is THIS WEEKEND! Tickets MUST be purchased before 12:00 PM CDT on Friday, July 19, 2012. This is the first year you can buy online. Please help the museum get their first ever SELL OUT! ( Altro...

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Thanks for the post to bring attention to a worthy aviation cause and a chance (or Two) to perhaps win something I will use…allot!
Toby Sharp 3
I am already going to win this airplane. She's mine boys!
negative Toby! I'm already scoping out space for it at KCXO.
Kicker is if I actually won, I think my wife would divorce me......
Well Chris, when I WIN the Cherokee 140 the battle between my Mifie and I would be to weather to fly our C172 or the Piper and who sits Left seat on which leg! Trouble right now sitting Left seat for me isn't happening for awhile yet since I am still nursing a broken Left Leg so I guess SHE wins all the way around :-(
Well when *I* win this plane, it will be the final piece to the puzzle to get off my a$$ and get my PPC :-)
Dangit, I didn't win the 140...guess who is sleeping in the hanger tonight.
Please don't buy any tickets! I WANT TO WIN!


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