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Can a non-pilot land an airplane?

A man sets out to prove that flight simulator can save a non-pilots life. ( Altro...

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Toby Sharp 1
Seems like it get's more out to the airport and in a pickle tho.
Memories: I knew when my knees began to shake I was not cut out to be a pilot, last time I flew..that in was 1982.
Wow, I believe most pilots scare the life out of themselves at some point. We try to grow from our experiences.
Well the instructor took me over to an aviation engine and kinda suggested I might be better fixing it than flying it.
I still want to get an A/P license. Maybe one day after I settle down a bit more.
You mean a commercial license or PPL? Here in UK we call PPL private pilot.
I have the PPL working on my instrument rating now while in school for ATC. Hopefully I'll get to commercial and instructor as well. I was referring to the Airframe & power-plant mechanics license.
Ah Ha..good man Malk. Is there any way you can get onto a degree engineering course? I will tell you why..all the test pilots at Boeing must have a degree in Aerospace Engineering. It makes a hell of a difference to the way you understand why the machine does what is does under different conditions. True enough you will not starve on the tools...but there is a lot of competition from ex military guys on the tool jobs. I know it costs money and privation to go full time to college for 3 or 4 years but I can tell you it is worth it.
I'm banking on ATC working out for me, with flight instruction as a side vocation. If not, Aerospace Engineering was #2 on the list when I decided which aviation degree I would pursue.
I trained my own kid on the tools and let him loose then let him make the decision which way he wanted to go...he choose the degree route and thank God it worked for him.
josh homer 0
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Cessna 172 pilot with no training, no hours, only flight simulator experience. Takeoff and landing

As a fully certified ATP pilot on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, I've always wondered if it was possible lol.


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