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Flight attendant grounds herself after 54 years with American Airlines

Carole DiSalvo, 75, sits in the engine of a new American Airlines Boeing 777-300 ER at American's maintenance facility at D/FW Airport. DiSalvo, who began work as a flight attendant at American in November 1958, retired last week after more than 54 years in the skies. Great job, Great timing Carole ! ( More...

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sparkie624 8
She had a very successful history... I am sure she could tell us all some real stories over different things she has seen. I wish her well in her retirement... She looks like a person who very much enjoyed their job.
Good for her. Rare in this day and age where a person stays with one company that long.
Paul Claxon 5
Plus, she is a good looker. Thanks Carole, you are an inspiration !
Scott Campbell 5
I was hoping by submitting this, that those of us on FLightaware could honor her with
respect. Anyone who can show up with a smile and really care and serve people for so long deserves it. Just in case she came across this page, It would have been nice if some of you could have left your comments in your head, and not here. I've spent many years flying for work and pleasure, and women and men like Carole Disalvo are the ones that make flying so great. I guess I'm a bit jaded at this point, but when I was 4 years old I flew for the first time on Pam Am - LAX - i think Halifax - LHR flight
and I'll never forget how the Flight Attentandat treated my brother and I, from the cockpit tour, wings pinned on our shirts, and then she made a tent with a blanket over our chairs so we could sleep. I WAS IN LOVE :) It was 1966 so I'm sure it was a women about the same age and caliber as Carole Disalvo. So .. Hat's off to the great ones of us all who provide more than just (gettin by job performance) and go beyond our job description every day....
I agree! 1961 on Panagra to Talara, Peru (I was 8). These are wonderful people who have kept me and my family safe over a couple of million miles.
Wayne Jeffrey 4
Wow! All I can say is congratulations on a long and enjoyable career.

I can just imagine some of the stories she must have, and I hope she puts pen to paper because I think it would make for some great reading.
houseofgold 4
Good Job Carole, Hope I look as good as you do at 75. Whats your secret? (Please dont tell me one mini a day from the aft galley :) !
David Shaw 3
Can't improve on the comments about her appearance other than to say she seems remarkably happy for all the time spent dealing with the general flying public. I offer you a 'tip of the hat' lady.
mark tufts 3
carole i applode you for your servise and i see you look good after all of these years
Congratulations, Carole!! I put in 40 before my retirement and as a lot of older folks say "It's not the years, it's the mileage"
floatplaneS7 3
Well done, I reckon you could have passed for a 40-50 yo so blo-dy well done.
raymond watson 3
What a fantastic lady and career, best article i have read in a long time, perhaps you could write a book about your exceptional career .Best wishes for a well deserved retirement.
She is so amazing!
Congrats to this lady. After all those years she is still a beauty!
Jose Fernandes 3
She looks great!!! Congratulations for the great career!!!!
Bob Chase 3
Along with the attractive looks she was most likely a terrific employee as well. I'd bet some of us have flown with her.
kristoffer 3
Great Story!! I wish there were more Flight Attendants like her!!
fantastic story wonderful girl...
SootBox 3
To those giving this woman a hard time about her looks... please, by all means, post your pics when you're 75 for our assessment.
AWAAlum 4
hip hip hooray!

It's such a pitiful shame that some people are so shallow as to be hung up on outward appearances rather than things that we have control over such as respect, courtesy, thoughtfulness, kindness, loyalty and hundreds of other assets. The Asians have it spot on by holding their elders in high esteem and admiration. Thanks for speaking up.
Michael Blas 3
Outstanding commitment and dedication.
I salute your perseverance throughout your
Long career.
cos3asg 3
I belong to FlightAware because I love every aspect of aviation, worldwide. Yes, we sometimes get some really sad or controversial news in this community of enthusiasts, but this is just an excellent "feel good" story. Clearly, this is a lady who devoted her entire working life to something she just loved to do. Thanks, Scott for ferreting out this marvellous tale, and thank YOU, Carole for your dedication, service and excellence.
Mike Barbato 7
Maybe it's the camera angle, but she looks great for 75.
Jeffrey Babey 8
I thought she looked great too. She looks more 55 then 75
AWAAlum 1
75 is the new 55.
sparkie624 1
LOL, I was thinking the same thing... One thing is for certain... It was not a random shot. It was a well prepared and planned shot.
Chas DeVine 1
Name one Playboy pix that did not get Photoshopped, at any age. Or the SI swimsuit issue.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Jeffrey Babey 2
Even #4 photo she looks good. I guess I have a thing for older woman now that I'm going to be 50 this
Fritz Steiner 2
Well Done, Carole!
ric lang 2
A 75 year old flight attendant! And I get challenged as to my ability to be able to be seated in an emergency exit seat! And I drink Geritol too!
AWAAlum 1
People age differently. Carole clearly has good genes! Lucky her.
karl kettler 2
NO!She DID NOT start out at American as a Flight Attendant. She started out as a STEWARDESS! Attendant has such an awful conotation of a stable hand!
smoki 1
Indeed true but in this progressive and politically correct world in which we now live, it got changed to flight attendant when "male stewardesses" were hired.
David Webb 2
Incredible flight attendant, always positive, a real joy to work with, great with passengers. You can have your twenty year-old bimbos, I'll take a F/A like Carole anytime...
Duramus 2
Jesus christ, have some respect man... that 20 year old is just trying to make an honest living just like Carole was back when she was 20.
Matthew Coffey 1
Thank god the airlines have people like Carole still working in the industry. While all of you ignoramuses sit here and complain that you want young sexy women,people like Carole are the only ones that will take care of you in the air. All of you adult perverts try to feel young and if the only way for you to do that is sit on an airplane staring at attractive flight attendents then you really need to do something with yourself (Strip Club, Porn, what ever floats your boat). I hope that all of you benighted men can start respecting the women who are wathing out for you in the air, and not worrying so much about when you can try to hit on a young flight attendent who really think that you are nasty.
- Matt (I am 15 and I realize that having a young flight attendnt for old men to flirt with is not the most important thing)
rodney harris 1
Michael Wright 1
Well done I wondered how many sticky moments this lady has had ?
Ed Wagner 1
Congratulations to Carole on a wonderful career! Can you even imagine the number of people she served with a smile during that time?!?
Super congratulations for a exceptional person in the air.
Great enjoy your retirement Carole Hope you write a book bet you have some stories to tell .
jhonychang 1
Great woman,incredible flight attendant.
jdr567 1
Carole, I am wondering out loud if Howard Hughes hired you or if you worked the Connie?
smoki 1
Way to go Carole! What amazing dedication to your craft and still looking really great. Is there a book in your future? I've no doubt you've got some stories to tell, some good, some not so good but on sum obviously a time well spent. Some enterprising young author might be calling on you, probably a host of them no doubt, to capture those experiences for all to read and be entertained. I was entertained reading your short anecdotal experiences in this article. I've no doubt the ole narrow body 707 was cozy in the back end as it was likewise in the "diesel 8." Well done Carole and all the best for the future.
najam jafri 1
Usually the Airline send you home at 65th.birthday
akprincess72 1
Weill done & enjoy your retirement Carole!
Douglas McVehil -1
It must be quite a blow for AA to lose it's youngest flight attendant. :-)
You are the type of idiot she had to put up with. No class.

[This poster has been suspended.]

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

-2, that's the best you could do??? Yawn!!!

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BRUCE37 -8
Age 32 retirement. I think that would be a good "throwback idea" worth instituting again. As a passenger, I almost get embarassed being served by someone that can be my grandmother.
AWAAlum 4
Then take the bus.
Matthew Coffey 1
Why is that a problem, they do make the best food, and treat us all better than our parents would. Maybe your family dosent love you, but i know from my personal experience that i enjoy interacting with my grandparents as they treat me very well.
J.J. Lasne -5
Isn' t there any retirement in America? Or is it only the young or filthy rich that hang it up?
Bruce McDanel 6
Obviously, one doesn't understand the concept of a job that a person enjoys doing and finds rewarding enough to work far beyond normal years. I applaud Mrs. DiSalvo.
J.J. Lasne -3
Obviously, one does not understand the concept of retirement age for workers. Also note that commercial cockpit crews have a mandatory retirement age. Why not the cabin crew as well?
Matthew Coffey 2
I hope you realize how senseless you sound. One is not going to be thrown off of a job that they are perfectly qualified, and able to complete. I do not think it is difficult to realize that not everyone in this country is able to retire at a young age. Mrs. DiSalvo was not going to drop her job at a certain age to go and begin a new career in her 40's. If this is what you expected her to do, then you should go back to school to learn about how seniority works (Yes I am calling you uneducated if you could not figure that out).
Please take you class warfare garbage to another site more appropriate for you entrenched anger issues.
klimchuk -7
In 1958 rules stated no one could work as a flight attendant past age 32. Good times..
David Shaw 5
sounds like you may have personal issues to deal with


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