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US Goverment to Fly Gulfstream into a Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm Isaac is on a direct track toward Cuba and Florida, gaining clout as it creeps closer. But The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has an ace up its sleeve. We learned via Twitter that the National Hurricane Center plans to send a high altitude Gulfstream IV jet on its first mission into a tropical storm so that they can create a better model of its trajectory. (Pretty cool after watching Hurricane Hunters on The Weather Channel) ( Altro...

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preacher1 1
Why are we apparently duplicating functions with this and the Hurricane Hunters??????
I was confused too, the WC-130Js are fine aircraft. But you know the GOV. More programs the more funds they get. I say this as an Army Vet myself.
preacher1 1
Well, that's kinda what I thought, plus everybody is building throaways right now, with sequestration looming on their budgets. I wonder what we'd see if every department had to go to a "0" based budget and the spend it or lose it mentality reversed.


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