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American Airlines Pilots Rejected Tentative Contract From The Carrier,

(Reuters) Pilots at AMR Corp.'s American Airlines rejected a tentative contract from the carrier, leaving a major issue unresolved with a key employee group at the bankrupt company. The Allied Pilots Association, which represents 10,000 pilots, said 2,935 pilots voted in favor of the tentative contract, which called for cost cuts, and 4,600 voted against. ( Altro...

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While I am in favor of pilots being the best compensated group at the airline, when has a strike or failure to reach an agreement helped workers in recent memory?

I would rather they have some sharp-toothed lawyers snarling at management to ink the best deal possible than let the company be snapped up on the cheap by the competition and send the good men and women to the end of the seniority line at the new firm.

Good on'em.


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