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ATL's New International Terminal

$1.4 billion later .. ATL open's new Internationl Terminal on May 16th. A380's arriving in 2013. ( ( Altro...

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LCcougar93 2
Looks like a beautiful new addition to ATL...two thumbs up
That's my home airport and it is about time they built a larger international terminal than the one on Concourse E. Way to go ATL!
MultiComm 1
The only thing I don't like about it is part of the 7 million that went to new signage...the main sign that is spanning across the terminal road is "Welcome to Maynard H Jackson International Terminal" (in like 500 pt font). On the corner is another of the same (on a more artistic and appealing looking sign.

You have to look REAL hard to see in the top of that corner sign for it to read anything that reflect ATLANTA airport (btw which is called Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Interrnational Airport ...longest airport name in history) or the airport logo for that matter.

Now I don't want to get people fired up but what are we promoting?...a new International terminal for the the airport/city/world ... Or the man whose name has already been hyphened into the original name of the airport several years ago.

I am proud of the new terminal...the signage just makes me roll my eyes every time!


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