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World's Longest Flights

"Are we there yet?" usually issues from the mouths of children. But aboard these 11 flights, even the adults pester flight attendants with such questions. U.S. News Travel sought out the most painstakingly long journeys in the sky. While some people measure length by mileage, we believe the flight's duration is much more important to travelers. After all, you only want to be stuck on a plane with strangers for so long. (Interesting info!) ( More...

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Mark Duell 5
A coworker at FlightAware did EWR-HKG last year, so this year I did JFK-HKG just to beat them by 7 miles. It's a competitive workplace.
In 2005 Boeing flew a 777-200LR eastbound from Hong Kong-London,it was 13.423 miles nonstop ,taking 22 hrs and 22 min,and had eight sets of pilots!I think i would have gone stir crazy on that flight of almost 24 hrs non stop!
Ric Wernicke 2
The #1 flight LAX to SIN is SQ37/38 with just 100 pax in an A340. The seats are the best in the sky. Like private sofa's with full service that is better than first on most other airlines. There is no shower on board, but the arrival facilities at Changi are most of what I would want everywhere. The flight leaves in the evening, allowing a full days work in LA, then you arrive on the second day in the early morning. Perfect for an onward flight to Malaysia, Indonesia, or India faster than you can get there by any other means.

You can buy a business class ticket for half, but it tak4es a day longer and three flights, two in the spacious A320 and a 373. You get served by angry grannies, and you must sleep at a 45 degree angle.

The only drawback is it is an Airbus.
Ricky Scott 1
All I can say is

Chris Donawho 1
LA to Singapore on an A340 with 100 seats.... I got to try that. Probably priced to break the bank though.
Scott Davis 0
I have done this flight. The service was impeccable and the flight went by with ease. The seats make a wonderful bed as well.
JW Wilson 1
No smoking. I sure hope the Lavs remain working! DAL-HOU is more my speed.
Chris Donawho 2
I could see where 16 hrs would be gruesome. Take a can of snuff or a box of nicoderm.
David Brooks 1
That is good info for commercial regularly scheduled flights. As for world records, there are a number but the flight around the world has to hold the record.
iFlyGr8 1
I'm going to Singapore for the F1 race this year... Longest flight in the world!
Noah Rice 1
I think ATL-JNB should be number 3
Brian Nasset 1
Ive twice Done the IAD-JNB on SAA my arse was numb in those Airbus Seats can't imagine much further
yes i agree, Ive done the flight 33 times
Chris Donawho 1
Looks like business class at $7000 r/t gets you on the 340. Economy puts you on the 380.
ibpilot72 0
I think I'd almost pay the $7000 just so I wouldn't have to wait with 499 other people at the baggage carousel when I get there!! Haha!!
alistairm 1
Done YYZ-HKG. Have also done JFK-NRT.
Jeffrey Babey 0
WOW! 18.5 hours, I love to fly but I wouldn't want to do that every week or would I? ;)
Jeremy Kudlick 1
If my employer was paying for it, I'd fly that as often as I could. \(^o^)/
ibpilot72 0
On average, our Excel has 3 to 3-1/2 hours of flying before needing refueling. Amazingly, that's about as long as my rear end can stand sitting in that seat before I need to get up/out and stretch!
JNB-ATL is 16 hours on Delta777 LR


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