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I saw this video on YT a long time ago. I thought it was pretty amazing. I wonder if they were placing bets on who would touch down first.
mark tufts 0
now thats what call a real neat side by side landing as its not every day a person can see that
That's the coolest thing ever.
preacher1 0
Happens a lot more than you think. What's funny, you got that togetherness on final, but you get up in the air and get less than a few miles and a controller could get
I thought the same thing today on a parallel into ORD RWY 28. With a low deck (about 600) a passenger's frame of altitude is skewed -- that was until our E135 meet up with, and "raced" an E190 and quickly passed, with that interesting minimum only allowed on final. My question, do Controllers prefer close parallels, instead of staggering them out?
sparkie624 0
Nice catch on the Video... As much as I hate SWA, The Boeing sure is a lot nicer looking with those Winglets.
cessna172s 0
how come you don't like SWA?
Stop by Park Ridge - you can see the brainless monkey show anytime with the side by side or east to west runway's called Daley's Store - aka: ORD.
and it's Virgin America by half a length!
Nice Find.
I remember back in 1967-68 taking my private flight training in a Mooney at MDW and having an airliner pass me on final to the parallel many times. I thought it was cool then, looking at the faces of the pax looking at me. Now I look back and think "a teenager with 10 hours flying solo in formation with an airliner!"
Nice discussion, one thing that has been bourne out is that the system works very well, and is safe. Have there been any midairs flying these type of approaches??
Mike Hill 0
That is very cool! Definitely unusual and certainly eye-catching... I wonder how much attention the pilots were able to give their 'neighbours' ?
preacher1 0
I would hope little or
mark tufts 0
neverkw ow big a 747 was until shown beside a 737 in floight coming in for a landing
canuck44 0
Would love to see a threesome from ATL...or anywhere else with five parallels.
Will take the Virgin America tail any day! Sorry I am kind of an Airbus guy. :D
And that's why you have your Wings!
preacher1 0
Per Richard's comment above, I don't know about the controllers, but I know the pilots prefer a little spacing. It definitely increases the pucker
Does the TCAS freak out in situations like that? I'm also imagining that additional pucker (although probably rare) if both went missed (or worse, aborted landing) at the same time...
KevinThorn This one is even better. 747+737
oops..wrong link....


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