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Cleared for Takeoff: Rhode Island Bakery Creates TSA ‘Compliant Cupcake’

The incident inspired Kelly Colgan, owner of Silver Spoon Bakery in Providence, R.I., to create a travel-friendly treat: the TSA Compliant Cupcake. The $4 confection is topped with exactly 3 ounces of frosting and sold in a TSA-mandated clear, quart-size plastic blag. The decorative photo of Richard Nixon with the parodied words “I am not a gel” comes optional. ( Altro...

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I get visions of Big Pussy saying "hey there cupcake" to the TSA guy...
zennermd 0
I love when people make fun of the TSA. It makes my day just a little better.
I love when people make fun of ANY government agency AND make money off of it! I hope the cupcakes are successful and make a nice profit for the owners.
This is just funny as all get out, especially the Nixonian quote. They should have a kiosk in the airport just before one gets to the Checkpoint. This proves the American Spirit is alive and well!
Funny stuff.
and to think that we 'down under' have to abide by decisions made by these types of TSA dipsticks !
I saw on a recent trip to LAS, a TSA agent made a woman throw away a candy bar she was eating, while waiting in line .. it did not matter to the arrogant bafoon .. that she is diabetic and NEEDED the sugar !
oh please, like she couldn't just finish eating it there in line... give me a BREAK
Ben Lillie 0
It's pretty pathetic that we need these.
makes the TSA ( and the NZ AvSec ) sound more and more like they are inflicted with the "Uncle Dad" and "Aunt Mom" inbred syndrome from Hicksville !


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