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Jack the cat survives two months and found alive at JFK

Jack the cat, at large at John F. Kennedy International Airport since escaping from his cage in the American Airlines baggage claim area two months ago, has been found. ( Altro...

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Ken Hurne 0
They say they will fly him home. Now to see if they get him on the right plane.
linbb 0
Great ending as I am a cat owner and pet lover I know what it must have been like for Jacks owner and thanks that AA contiued to look for him all this time also.
Ben Lillie 0
Wonder where he got his food.(Actually, I really don't want to know)
mark tufts 0
that is on vry smar cat
s2v8377 0
I'm glad Jack the cat is found!!! I wish him a speedy recovery. I am also happy this story ended well for American.

It's a shame Jack can't tell his story. It's amazing the type of survival skills that cats have!!!
Yeah, right, in the ceiling of an airport. LOADS OF MICE!
s2v8377 0
A note to NBC try and do your story in front of AA's Terminal 8 next time and not Terminal 1 at JFK. It's scary to think NBC couldn't even get the terminal correct!!!
When he looked around NY he probably spent next two months looking for his cage! Haha


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