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Qantas continues grounding of fleet Tuesday, 80 flights cancelled

Today, Qantas has grounded another two aircraft, in addition to yesterdays grounding of 5 aircraft, bringing the total to 7 planes. ( Altro...

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preacher1 0
Somebody has to realize that flights are what produces revenue, and hopefully there is enough profit to pay employees. There may be grounds for a strike but if there is no revenue, everybody also needs to understand that the company can go broke and that they can strike til hell freezes over but if there ain't no money, there ain't no money and that a private company won't go on forever and then there won't be a job at all.
For those of us who have owned and run big business and also worked as an employee it's a tough call.
preacher1 0
Yeah, it is Ben. If a strike is the only way that will get management's attention, that is sad. On the othher hand, I have seen some almost "just for the heck of it" that didn't really do anything but cost union members money. Those are the ones that give unions a bad name. As you said, it is a tough call either way.


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