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NYPD chief: Police could take down plane if needed

NEW YORK (AP) -- The chief of the New York Police Department says city police could take down a plane if necessary. Commissioner Ray Kelly tells CBS' "60 Minutes" that after the Sept. 11 attacks, he decided the city couldn't rely on the federal government alone. He set about creating the NYPD's own counter-terrorism unit. He says the department is prepared for multiple scenarios and could even take down a plane. ( Altro...

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kenish 0
Oh...but it's for our *safety* !! (Be sure to quickly pan camera to the wringing hands of the bloviating fat*ss NYPD official)
99NY 0
Ah, you gotta love the NYPD. With a budget that tops the military budgets of at least a third of the world's nations, why shouldnt they have air-to-air missiles, AA guns on top of buildings and all sorts of other goodies?
alistairm 0
Great. I would like to know what weapons system they have to take down a plane. Also, i hope they realize that when they shoot something down, it has to crash somewhere... This is just asinine.
preacher1 0
It is nice that they have something but as you say, it has to crash somwhere. Unless they have developed some kind of death ray that will vaporize something, more pieces than were flying will fall and will the impact be worse than the original target??????
Derg worries they got it all planned out.
I agree with ya. They probably think it's just gonna all blow up bits and all but when aircraft debris rains down that's even worst than a plane crashing into something. (well not really but as in debris it's a more damage zone as they fly everywhere in flames)
Ray Kelly needs his head examined . Can the NYPD do a better job then the Air Force , the Navy , the Marines ??? . And as others have mentioned , what about the collateral damage ? . A farcical and egotistical waste of money and resourses .
What bothers me is that ANY body thinks a shoot down is a good idea. I'm a 21 year captain and if some agile tries something I don't want anotjer 911. I don't want to het shot down either. If they can fly global hawks remotely why not have a panic switch in the cockpit - once flipped the air force lands the plane at a place of their choosing. Then we show the terror mongers that no one will die no matter what they do. A lot to work on technologically - so that it can't get hacked - but shooting down aircraft and killing civilians is not the answer. Period. Anyone else who thinks otherwise is sick in the head!
You guys are jumping to far to far as to methods used. It has been 10 years since 9-11. If you think NYPD has been sitting on their hands since 3000 p0eople were murdered in NYC then THINK AGAIN. On that day NYPD relied on 3rd parties to be ready to act. If the military, the FBI and all the other security services cannot provide protection then NYPD will. Do not jump to so many scenarios.
chalet 0
@ Roland Dent, great thinking on your part!!!! but you ought to complement it by suggesting that Mayor Bloomberg and Chief Kelly should send their troops to Afghanistan, Iraq and maybe Pakistan too to finish off the Talibans. The free fighters of Libya need help badly, so does Yemen, Syria and Somalia. Also the NYPD should be given a very quick training at manning vessels and sent mañana first thing to kill the damn pirates roaming the Indian sea and around Africa. Last but not least, since Governor Perry announced yesterday that once in the White House he will send US troops inside of Mexico to kill them bastards drug traffickers, he better considers that the right people to do that is the NYPD.
Some of you guys are really kinda skewed and narrow in your thinking. The NYPD is about protection the public. Thats in NYC. Are you serious bringing in the whole world? Maybe you are annoyed that a simple cop should dare to suggest he can challenge a civil airliner. In fact we may have hit on an important issue could well be that the Port Authority might get annoyed that THEY cannot do what the NYPD can.
Not one of you rather see the USAF taking control of a plane as a better scenario to shooting it down? Really? Raise your hand if you've ever been a passenger or crew before. Back in the old days killing the hostages was the plan. Now they are making us kill our own? Wait till it's your ass in the seat on that plane - then ask yourself if you like the idea dying. If you wanna be a hero - that's the same as a martyr. No death and no destructuction is the answer and as far as I am concerned if my plane is locked on by NYPD then I want my federal government to protect me from all enemies, foreign and domestic.
Something seriously wrong if NYPD is seen as "an enemy". What this suggests is that NYPD is outside the law. Yet on 9/11 the USA was unable to protect NYC. Maybe NYPD was impatient waiting for evidence that the military can act? Maybe the National Guard, the Coast Guard and the NYPD have togther worked out an effective shield while the regular military is busy elsewhere.
Anyone shooting me down is an enemy. Either everyone likes violence ands wants to see a plane explode or you guys are not taking my suggestions into consideration. Why is a non- lethal outcome not good enough for you?
mark tufts 0
i am glad thae the N Y P D took the lead on what we need is other cities to wake up and get things in place without scaring the public
alistairm 0
Well of course! Let's have every city and town in the USA who harldy have budgets these days, purchase anti-aircraft weapons!! What a wonderful idea!! I am sure terrorists are eager to attack the likes of Boise, Idaho or Brownsville, Texas or Shoals, Indiana. Let's stop the paranoia.
Brilliant - Rambo lives !!
The truth comes out... "NYPD helicopters are operated by a pilot and co-pilot. In an emergency, a third member can be on board with a .50-caliber rifle. The weapon, which would be attached to a sling with a side door open on the chopper, could be used to disable a boat on the water or a small aircraft."
alistairm 0
A .50?? So the most they can do is disable the plane, which will most likely crash into a residential area or into the city itself. At least - as far as we know - they don`t have access to missiles. This is still asinine. What if that small aircraft is loaded up with chemicals or some sort of chemical weapon... what will they do when it crashes into the ground. It will be the same scenario if the plane had crashed as part of a suicide mission. Unless you are in a war and are trying to gain air supremacy, it`s not the best idea to shoot things out of the air over a heavily populated city. Did they forget that the towers were hit by airliners; therefore, what is their plan to take down a 767... I think this is a case of the NYPD buying new toys with HLS money!
mattdavis 0
How does a municipality have authority to shoot down a airplane in federally controlled airspace?
Your kidding? Ray Kelly believes that he, don't need no stinking federal badge! Of course he can't shoot down an airplane and he knows that. It like his "swarming" operations, where twenty cops cars go screaming down an avenue to show force. This is all security theater...

Hey Ray... You got rad detectors all over the city? Great News Ray!!! Super! You da man! One question though? How do you detect HEU? Just shameless!
i hear the Mujahadeen in Tora Bora still have a couple left over 1980s Stinger you could buy back on the cheap. and the User Manual is in english!

it doesn't matter what part of an Airliner you shoot at, you're still going to get showered in fiery stuff.
Kelly is full of himself! NYPD is loaded with wonderful cops, but the counter-terrorism force is absolutely untrained and inexperienced and is more show than anything else.

Check out THEE (NYPD)Rant

As one cops say's, "Let me see if I have this straight, the same Police Department that can't even get all of it's members to the outdoor range twice a year is going to have the ability to shoot down planes if necessary........"
I just could not resist!

Ray Kelly! The man is a shameless politician...
I saw that '60 Minutes' report with NYPD Commissioner Kelly. Nice interview and a great look on that unbelieveable 'command center. I'd have to say that 'taking down' a passenger plane in the event of another "911-style"event would be, as Kelly said, in an extreme circumstance, but if it helps save lives, even though it would probably take other lives...which is counter-productive to be honest, but as we saw on 9/11 when the passengers of UA 93 took down their plane while trying to actually save it, they saved a much more tragic scene from occurring in D.C. So hopefully the USAF could find another way of discouraging an attack.

NYC has become a fortress island for no reason at all. Its big security concern is violent crime not terrorism. The fact is that no matter how many cameras you place, how many cops carry heavy weapons or race down avenues. If someone wants to do damage they will. Give you example. All this increased security did nothing to drop the violent crime rate for 2010 and 2011 is not looking much better. There are sectors of the city that are much safer than others, midtown and parts of downtown and that is all politics. The rest of the city is still a walking nightmare at night.

Some of the money spent on that 911 command center should have gone to put some more cops on the street. Its those beat cops that will make the difference not the the bells and whistles.

As far as using airliners as weapons... We will never stop that. Make it difficult? Indeed. Stop it? No....
checkvsi 0
Yes, be afraid SHEEP! This is more liberal spin. Which scenario are we talking about here?
1. The NYPD in a KIOWA or LOACH is going to scramble and successfully intercept and engage a jet liner going 450+ MPH or
2. The NYPD which can't even control there own criminal element is going to engage ANY aircraft with a Stinger SAM, even though they have no air defense radar for detection and more importantly DIRECTION! They will have direction from HLS which didn't stop the Shoe bomber, the Crotch bomber, or the Fort Hood massacre. I feel safe!
Making concealed carry for all commercial pilots mandatory would work a lot better but thats a liberal NO- NO!
How about this? A suicidal jihadist gets on a flight and SAYS he has a bomb onboard and he is going to detonate it as they enter final on KLGA 4 or KJFK 13L or 13R. Can I shoot yuse guys? Can I,can I, HUH?
You are absolutely right. There is NOTHING to prevent someone from saying that they have a bomb on board, even if it is not true, and even worse, saying that he/she has 10 or 12 accomplices on the aircraft ready to jump on the air marshall as soon as he makes a move. So, pop quiz, cowboy, what do you do? Theu escorted an airliner into NY with fighter planes because some people had locked themselves in a bathroom. What could those fighter jets do to get those people out of the bathroom?????? We are just lambs being lulled by our government!
Great, so next time a TFR pops up over New York, and some hapless Piper Cub goes sight seeing, a helicopter with a .50 cal rifle is going to come along and shoot it down. Wonderful, I feel so safe in this country.
chalet 0
Yeah, Vigilante NY style lives. You can sleep tight every night, yeah.
While every comment posted so far has been basically right on the money, and every concern of falling debris is far more logically than whoever this copper tool thinks himself to be, you gotta admit, that's kinda BA.
You guys need to keep up with weapons technology! My guess is they will have a rocket powered tazer lanyard similar to that used on Moby Dick...for younger readers this was a WHALE. The exact workings will off course be classified. But my guess is that the FMS will receive an instruction that will ensure a happy ending. I have every confidence in NYPD.
aknorris 0
Barney Fife, meet SAM.
Really?? He and the Mayor are chips off the same block!
chalet 0
The post 9-11 paranoia does not seem to go away and the politicians and some law-and-order officials too can not stop dreaming up some silly countermeasures, and might push Washington to approve 8 maybe 9 figure budget appropriations, but I have a much cheaper solution. Remember the thousands and thousands of Stinger anti-helicopter missiles that the U.S. gave to the Afghans (yeah, Afghans) for shotting down successfully hundreds of Russian helicopters in the 1980s. Well I know this guy in Kabul who is offering them at cut rate price, $ 10K a piece. LOL!!
Maybe somobody should stop and think: by the time that a plane of any size is within range of the NYPD's "anti-aircraft weapons", the plane would already be flying over the city, right? So how much advance notice do they think they are going to have the next time that a 9/11 event happens? Do they really think that a terrorist plane is going to fly over NY for half an hour while they get ready to shoot it down? This is all a gigantic SMOKE SCREEN to make people believe that we are ready and that they are safe, when the truth is that 9/11 could happen again tomorrow and nothing of what they have done can protect us.
Some weeks ago, they closed down Wall Street because someone had dropped a lunchbag in the middle of the street and left it there. They brough in fully-armored bomb techs, portable x-rays and all sorts of gadgets, and they even evacuated a few buildings in the surrounding area, and all that was in that bag was a sandwich and soda! But think about it, even if it had been a bomb, how much damage could have been done by a bomb the size of a sub sandwich??????? Was all this BS really necesary?
Right. I wonder how many times they have practiced hitting a fast moving target from a fast moving platform. I wonder how may unintentional targets are going to die from errant .50 rounds.
Right. I wonder how much practice they have at hitting a fast moving target from a moving platform. I wonder how many unintentional targets are going to die from errant .50 rounds.
My questions are as follows: 1) Just WHO is going to make the decision to fire upon a suspect aircraft? 2) What kind of response time can they promise? 3) Where will the weapon operator stand? 4) Who will be liable for the missile once it is released? 5) Who will pay for all of the mess after a) the missile misses and lands on some poor person's house, b) the missile kills innocent bystanders, c) the missile knocks down the wrong aircraft, d) the missile won't launch because the NYPD failed to read the instructions to check the battery on a regular maintenance schedule -- sorry but the questions just keep coming.


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