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Video- 787 finishes certification testing

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has completed certification testing. ( Altro...

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Alright! Let's get these things delivered finally!
John Hale 0
man can't wait to ride in one. I'm going to try and get on a domestic run when co/ua gets there first one. congrates boeing!
mark tufts 0
i would like to be on the first flight from chicago ohare to honolulu internationial as this way i would like to see how smooth this plane can fly
Mark - And you know there will be a flight from ORD to HNL because...? Or ar you just speaking hypothetically? I'd love for there to be one from IAD!
John Hale 0
im thinking iah-lax for me
Chuck Me 0
I was lucky to see a lot of the interior mockups in their "showroom" in Everett as well as seeing #1 on the line during a tour a few years ago. I have been hooked since. Congrats, Boeing!
Congrats Boeing...I got a tour of the cockpit and interior of one of the test planes that made it to Yuma. The cockpit had that "new car" smell. Awesome, is all I can say and no window shades anymore as the windows tint internally through electronic control. What an airplane!!!!
I'm really hoping delta replaces the 767 on DAL157 for this bird!
mark tufts 0
michael there is a flight from ORD to honolulu non-stop and i think doing the trip on the dreamliner would be great
Andrew Ash 0
Can't wait to fly on the 787, the only Boeing Commercial jet that I haven't flown on. If its not Boeing, I'm not going!!
amahran 0
747-8 and 787 at the same time, Oh man!
Boeing for the win!


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