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Lawmakers Want Avgas Lawsuit Injunction

A group of lawmakers is asking the federal government to intervene in an intended lawsuit against fixed base operators (FBOs) and fuel distributors for supplying and using leaded aviation gasoline (avgas) in the state of California. “The Prop 65 lawsuit will disrupt ongoing efforts by the FAA and EPA, who are working with industry groups to identify an alternative to leaded fuel that can be safely and reliably used by piston-powered airplanes,” the letter states. ( Altro...

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linbb 0
Oh great the eco nuts strike again, bet they dont walk the walk either just talk the talk. Thats always the case take one of there hobbies away from them and see how loud they yell and cry. They just think that its there way or the highway. Cal eco nuts are the ones who kept us from having diesel powered cars in the US even when other countrys had them and they used much less fuel than the same gas powered ones with less impact on the enviorment.
I'm not sure how you have "failed to warn the public that avgas contains lead" when it's called 100 LOW LEAD. LOW =/= NO. It's not some new product which manufacturers are hiding the contents from the public. Avgas has been around for years and it's no secret that it still has lead.
ray jones 0
If only the aviation enthusiast and the owners of piston powered airplanes would vote the tree hugging idiots out of office their problem would be solved.
Jim Quinn 0
The EcoTerrorists strike again! And I believe that if you follow them to their automobiles you'll see that they drive HUGE SUV's... Silly SOB's are educated far beyond their intelligence....
dmanuel 0
One might wonder if they looked around and saw the only industry, not chased out of the state and thought... humm what could we do to ....!
I am a green energy proponent, however, my family also owns a small aircraft. I happen to live in West LA and the neighborhood groups that are fighting to end all aircraft operations at KSMO have the support of lawmakers...Henry Waxman (US Congressman) Bill Rosendahl (Los Angeles City Council), Ted Leiu (California State Assemblyman), Kevin McKeown) (Santa Monica City Councilman). The mentioned authorities in turn pander to the eco nuts which has resulted in the situation of the avgas argument. Further, I strongly agree with all you in the earlier comments.
Jim Quinn 0
It wouldn't surprise me if they had even more advanced plans to start closing down smaller airports due to the 'health hazard' of 100LL. Probably real estate investors.
The FAA would like to see general aviation disappear. Cutting off 100LL would also please the gasoline companies.
"The FAA would like to see general aviation disappear." O Ok...


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