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Acting First Classy!

I'll always think of you as a First Class person who probably should be in coach. ( Altro...

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dmanuel -1
As a Delta million-miler with Gold elite status, I frequently get upgraded to First Class. What I do (and I encourage others to do so as well) is get concurrence from the Senior Flight Attendant and swap seats with a uniformed service member in coach.
tutmeister -1
That's hilarious.

@dmanuel, I salute you. I will *never* forget the one time I was treated to that when I was in service. It made up for the many other times where I was treated like I was dumb for joining the military to serve my country.
dba74m -1
Very nice gesture, dmanuel. One of my pet peeves, especially when I was Salt Lake based, was when an entire family with all their kids would take up half of first class as non-revs, making me have to go back in coach. The kids can't even appreciate the free booze and over-sized seat!
chalet -1
Lousy, waste of time and space
Funny video.

dmanuel - you, sir, are a great American.
ken young -1
Classic. I watch Curb Your Enthusiasm regularly. My attraction to the show is how the show mocks people's stupid little foibles and quirks. I also like how the show kicks political correctness in the "nether region".
c4400 -1
dmanuel, excellent!


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