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(PICS) Boeing 787 Dreamliner at EAA AirVenture 2011 - photos & tracking

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner arrived at EAA's AirVenture 2011 at Oshkosh, WI for the first public tours of Boeing's next-generation aircraft. The aircraft departed Boeing Field in Seattle, WA at 4am, arriving at Oshkosh Wittman Regional at 9am. ( Altro...

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Where do I get my type rating for that beauty?? :)
mark tufts 0
i wish i could have been on that flight
Toby Sharp 0
i wish i could have been the ONLY one on that flight
kadriver 0
I was able to get a personal tour when it was flight testing in ABQ. It is very futuristic with almost a Star Trek type flight deck and systems. The wing actually looks like the wing of a soaring bird. Boeing will put airbus in the backseat with this airplane. It is a work of art!
Updated with pictures!
I wonder how many EAA guys wil try to build a scaled down replica?
Dreamliner... for whom? No photos where you can really see the seating for passengers in coach! If anyone can make that a dreamliner for passengers, they probably have something worthwhile.
vanbess 0
Thanks Daniel
skylloyd 0
Seating! the A/P is in F/T config. Go to Dreamliner. com for the link.
So it's only there one out of seven days or will be there every day and depart at 6pm daily. I'm confuzzled
Of all the times I could have gone to OSH, and didn't! That was very nice of the 787 crew to do that for all that went!! Safe skies to all, julianjim (JLI VOR)
steve kent 0
I'm sure everyone else knows but what are the temporary black plastic tanks for? They appear on several photos on page one.
skylloyd 0
water barrels, for load variations.
steve kent 0
Ah, thanks Les.
Of all the years - to see a 787??? It's just an airliner. I'm looking forward to seeing it but 1991 when the Blackbird (sr-71) came or I think 93 when the f18 accidentally broke the sound barrier are more noteworthy.
I missed out on the tour when it came to IAH. *dislike* But I was there for the enging startup. Quiet!
olseric 0
Missed this one unfortunately, but I did get to see the A380 last year when I was there. Where else can you stand UNDER the wing of a bird that big while being towed in? :)
I'll be in Oshkosh
I did at the fbo at SFO (a380) when it did it's cert. Flights
i wish i was there
I think big planes are cool but the a380 is ugly. Not as elegant as the ladylike curves of the 747. To each their own - I do hope the tail stays attached. Or the gear doesn't collapse. Or they run out of fuel (2x) already. Lol

Needs a bumper sticker - NFC
i was there! the dreamliner is a beauty in person :)
and i agree with others, very quiet plane
Really enjoyed the walk around.It feels like its not the longest plane sold but it makes up the difference with a fatter fuselage.I got pics from all sides including a frontal from a block south that really looks cool!
correction a block west!
Some of us were born too early ... I still remember my early cross country flying on the A & N range. Would have been fun to fly..
I don't feel bad for you one bit rob - you got to experience the golden years of aviation
Now sell it !
I'm sure the airlines will just find a way to make it as uncomfortable and cramped in coach as possible.
We got to sit in it in Roswell, and watch the switch out of an engine that malfunctioned. What a beauty of a plane. Hope to be able to take a trip in it.
I wish it performed some of it's test flight manuvers on leaving as the A-380 did two years ago. To see that large an aircraft in slow flight and steep banks in incredible.


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