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OMEGA 707 down at point mugu naval air station

omega tankers 707 down at PT MUGU NAS. all 3 crew members were able to walk away from crash ( Altro...

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biz jets 0
Doh - double post - I did check, by the time I posted it was here!!!
GarfieldMZ 0
poor plane :-/
biz jets 0
Looks like an aborted take-off, with an off runway excursion - very fortunate outcome consider the amount of fuel on board!!!
Aircraft was said to have burned for 3 hours!!!!
This is apparently a 707 tanker and not a KC-135 which is somewhat different. I know that early in the T707 program a few tankers were built and then followed by the KC-135. I didn't know any of the T707s were in service. Anybody know any more detail?
Don't the reporters know how to properly identify the people involved? Crew VS Passengers.
Or thats it is a Naval Air Station, not a Navy Air Base.

Paul Keller 0
Here is a good article on this plane. With the N-number more info can be found. The plane was built in 1977 (new for a 707) and converted to a tanker.
Paul Keller. Thank you.
biz jets 0
The article is incorrect - N707MQ is not the aircraft that crashed - the crashed aircraft was N707AR which has a far richer history and was built in 1969 - details on it can be found in the FlightAware Forums.
mark tufts 0
crew was ucky even though the plane was lost case in point crew had their heads screwed on straight and knew all the procedures
sniffle sniffle. i used to see this a/c fly around jacksonville last year all the time


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