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Lufthansa Faces €500 Million Annual Loss Due to Aircraft Delivery Delays, CEO Says

Lufthansa Group is grappling with an annual loss of approximately EUR500 million euros (USD542 million) due to ongoing delays in aircraft deliveries, CEO Carsten Spohr disclosed during a press event in Stuttgart. ( More...

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The ongoing losses at Lufthansa, as with many of the world's major airlines, resulting from the delivery delays from both Airbus & Boeing give a clear picture of the problems that the carriers are having to grapple with. These are also compounded by the ongoing difficulties with Pratt & Whitney's PW1100G engines which have also resulted in aircraft being grounded. No doubt the airlines concerned will be looking for an appropriate level of compensation from the various suppliers.

Interestingly these delays have led to Lufthansa reintroducing some of it's Airbus A380's back into service that were withdrawn as a result of the covid crisis. In fact some 145 previously grounded A380's are being reintoduced across the worlds airlines. Perhaps even more noteworthy is the statement from Christian Scherer (head of Airbus's civil aviation division) that Airbus are giving serious consideration to restarting the A380 production line. Presumably this is driven by the ultra high capacity of the 380 and little chance of any alternative in the forseeable future.
radu28 1
Hm, I doubt restarting the production line is possible. It's not like a fashion factory, where the tailors just cut the materials differently. That assembly hall is now producing another airplane, the rigs have been replaced, people have moved over or out... I'd love to see the A380 back in production and flying with more airlines, but it ain't gonna happen.


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