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SpaceX test fires massive Super Heavy booster for Starship for 1st time (video)

SpaceX fired up the massive booster rocket for its new Starship spacecraft Monday night (July 19) in a short first-of-its-kind test for the company's ambitious new launch system. The towering stainless-steel booster, called Super Heavy, ignited three Raptor engines in a brief "static fire" test on a pad at SpaceX's Starbase facility in southern Texas, near the village of Boca Chica. Booster 3, as this particularly Super Heavy is known, is the latest in a series of prototypes… ( Altro...

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Phil Howry -3
In light of all the predicted "climate change" doom and gloom, how is it that voluntary, ego-driven, fossil-fuel powered space travel consumption, is exempt from ridicule?

Coal-fired and natural gas powered electric generating plants provide affordable power for tangible amenities enjoyed by the vast majority of the population.
Elliot Cannon 3
You can disregard the science of climate change if you like but the garbage we are pumping into our atmosphere that is said to cause it can NOT be disregarded. Everyone thinks of our atmosphere as being a HUGE ball of air around the earth. The next time you eat an apple, cut it in half and look at the thickness of the skin around the apple. That's the thickness of the atmosphere in relation to the size of the earth! "Ignore the science at your peril".
JW Wilson 3
Thank you, some science we CAN ignore without peril.
Phil Howry 1
If the world's atmosphere is as sensitive as the non-applicable (i.e. non scientific) created-for-effect "apple skin" analogy; how could our atmosphere have possibly survived the countless gigantic toxic volcanos that have erupted on the earth over the centuries, not to mention countless out-of-control wildfire?

The world should be concerned with shrinking-brain induced gullibility syndrome.
Craig Good 2
Hello, my name is Phil. I'm a science denier who is not too sure what shape the planet is, and I'm here to hijack a news story about rocket development to bang on my high chair about my favorite topic and spread some misinformation on a topic I clearly don't understand.
Phil Howry 1
When the debate is lost slander becomes the tool of the the loser.
Russ Brown 1
Hi Phil:

From I've read, liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen make a great rocket fuel, but hard to handle. If it could be used for the in atmosphere booster, shouldn't be a problem. I am ashamed of my 49 Ford at 13 miles to the gallon and it is harder to find leaded fuel.
tomasz dabrowski 1
Blue Origin rocket BE-3 engine developed by Bezos’ company burns liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen."Carbon dioxide isn’t emitted from the Blue Origin rocket that was used for today’s launch," said Eloise Marais, an air pollution researcher at University College London.
SpaceX which reuses rockets and engines has a smaller carbon footprint than rockets that are only once used.
As for your doom and gloom comment this is people like you

Phil Howry 1
So all the Amazon cargo planes that haul freight across the country and the thousands of delivery vehicles that make Amazon deliveries every day have
Rex Bentley -2
Don't you just hate it when somebody tries to play you for a sucker like the enviro nuts do? Especially when they aren't very good at it.


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