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The Boeing 737 MAX Disaster Could Help Airbus Dominate the Paris Air Show

The Boeing 737 MAX grounding has given Airbus a huge advantage over its American rival heading into the most important sales event of the year. ( Altro...

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cdkeeka 1
believe that the 737 Max should be scrapped and withdrawn from service immediately and forever. 

No matter how much Boeing fudge (sorry, "fix") the software problem, basic air frame and design faults making the airframe inherently unstable, will remain, and cannot be changed without major rebuild.

In its current form, this aircraft will always be an accident waiting to happen. I would certainly never trust this aircraft again and avoid it like the plague - as I am sure many other travellers will.

It is certain insurance industry is looking on with trepidation, increasing industry insurance rates for this aircraft, which might impinge on other Boeing aircraft.

It is possible that passenger travel insurance industry will either refuse to cover travellers or increase premiums/reduce payouts for this aircraft.

Boeing's own non actions (including blaming 3rd world aircrew) before and after the two crashes and now their desperate attempt to move the cases to "less damaging" (for them) legal domains, does them no good at all.

Time for Boeing to accept fault and agree that this was a project gone wrong.
The world will think better of them rather than blaming everybody but themselves ... 


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