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Things You Don't Know About The First Delta A220 / CSeries

The first Delta A220 that made its maiden flight Saturday October 6 is a "First" in many ways, many that you don't know yet… ( Altro...

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MultiComm 5
Yea! They have a 3/2 seating configuration! I was going to really miss the MDs because of this. Really dislike the 3/3 on the smaller A320 and B737s.
Looks like a well-planned layout. Wow, spacious toilet facilities - that's a USP which will appeal to some pax! I recall the spacious 2/3 seating layout on the old (much-loved) spacious BAe 146/RJ airliners.

Good luck to Airbus (Canada/Mobile) with their new north-American built airliner.
Nice Pictures!
Is it me or does that aisle look incredibly narrow?
Not in my section of the plane (just in front of camera)!

Realistically, the width will meet regulations and will provide width for a service cart; have we any comparable metrics on the latest Boeing Max-cattle-truck? (with tongue firmly in cheek!)
Cansojr 1
Mike, did you enjoy a flight in the C Series?


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