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Pilot Looking At His IPAD, Crashes At The Rockford Airport

Pilot Looking At His IPAD, Crashes At The Rockford Airport ( Altro...

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jwmson 8
Dum (not just dumb)
Bill Babis 6
No problem with having an iPad in your scan but maybe not so much approaching DH on an ILS.
linbb -1
Look at the way many fly, head inside, not a thought to what is going on around them expecting there ADS-B I think its called to tell them of any other AC around.
Am on Vans aircraft blog site, they talk about watching every move the engine makes on there monitor, big screens telling them where and what is going on just like they were IFR not VFR. Soon coming there way an in flight meeting with another pilot watching TV also.
chalet 2
Worse than texting while driving
But.. how> He crashed short of final? skids off the runway?
Looks like a bad case of SFB!
For about two years now I have been using an I-Pad with a Garmin GDL-39. A fantastic tool. But it just has to be stowed for TO, landing, terminal area operations, flying in IMC etc. In those scenarios it's not a tool, it's a distraction.
Bill Babis 1
If it’s mounted right, it is usable and helpful in all situations. There are just times to not stare at it. If you are flying an aircraft capable of exceeding 200kts ias, it is a great help in knowing where TCA shelves are. I’m not sure about the GDL-39 but the Stratus has a built in AHARS that could be a lifesaver with AI or other systems failure in IMC. And there is much more.
He was flying an ILS? The I-Pad should be stowed. You don't fly an ILS with a magenta line.

Yes, the GDL-39 has AHRS, and so does the GTX-345 transponder I've had installed in my C-172. Great stuff, and a fantastic tool for enhancing situational awareness (airspace shelves is an excellent example). However, when the I-Pad becomes your source of situational awareness it's no longer a tool, it has become a distraction - taking your attention away from where your attention needs to be.

That's my opinion anyway.


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