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Airbus to deliver first U.S.-built A320 this week

Airbus is readying to deliver the first A320 passenger jet built in the U.S., capping a global assembly footprint that now touches three continents. ( Altro...

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bigkahuna400 3
Links are bad.
linbb -7
So what its no big deal just another AC being delivered just like happens every day at Boeing. Don't know why its such a big deal about Airbus AC. Guess this needs to be for them only.
Torsten Hoff 7
This isn't just another aircraft delivery -- it is the first A320 that was built in the US. That is noteworthy.
btweston 2
You're unstable.
Syed Saifus Zoha 2
Its quite interesting and fab news about airbus. It's an aviation company that is performing rreally good in the aviation market. It is at par with global standards and develops one of the finest aircrafts in the world. Globally airbus aircrafts provide the best comfort and space. The recent development of the Airbus A320 interior cabin is awestruck. It is in line with its A350 designs
Do you have Pom Pons to go with the rest of your cheerleader outfit?
Anton1 3
The first B737 assembled in Europe would also be in the news so get a coffee in the morning before you start to complain.
David Constantine -2
Made in USA. Even if it were a kite, beats
Made in China. Let's be proud of our Label and take back our lost jobs.
Better check your NEURONS, btWeston
The headline is misleading, it is the first assembled in the US A320.


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