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Pilot Who Flew Huge Loads Of Drugs Into U.S. From Canada Gets 10 Years

A Canadian helicopter pilot who flew loads of drugs into the U.S. from Canada for organized criminal groups was sentenced Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Seattle to ten years in prison and five years of supervised release, announced U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan. Henry Rosenau, 61, of Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada pleaded guilty in July 2012 to conspiracy to import marijuana, just hours before he was to go on trial for a second time. His first trial in April 2012 ended in a hung jury.… ( Altro...

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>> Since his indictment in May 2006, Rosenau had vigorously fought extradition from Canada and had filed lawsuits in Canada against witnesses, law enforcement and prosecutors to try to derail the prosecution. As part of his plea agreement, Rosenau agreed to dismiss those lawsuits and admitted they were frivolous.

I hope he is also ordered to pay the legal cost of the defendants.
Toby Sharp 1
He has been flying pot and cocaine across an international border for multiple years.....I think he will have plenty to pay with
joel wiley 4
" prosecutors wrote Rosenau is “a man who skirts the law when he believes doing so will benefit him, who prevaricates when asked what he did and why, and who believes dealing with governments ...some sort of a game. "

Than sounds a lot like my congressional representative.
sparkie624 1
He should get more than this... No respect and don't care what happens to people doing this.
I clicked on the article to see a flygirl named Jenny, dissappointing...
Nevermind, that's the prosecuter, I can't drink and read at the same time...
skylloyd 3
Darn it!! hate that when it happens..This Bud is for you.
At least gimme a Heineken...
When he gets that time Colorado will have passed the dopers law
[ please pass the grass ] and he can fly for " Get High U Airlines ".


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