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Textron to Acquire Pipistrel in Bid to Position in Electric Airplane Market

Textron and Pipistrel captured the attention of the aviation world on Thursday morning with the announcement that the Providence, Rhode Island-based owner of the iconic Cessna, Beechcraft, and Bell aviation brands has “entered into an agreement” to acquire the Slovenia-based Pipistrel. Pipistrel has pioneered the development and certification of electric aircraft, with its award-winning Velis Electro gaining certification under European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) auspices in June 2020. ( More...

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Paul Wisgerhof 1
Another tragedy with the bean-counters now in control of one of the most innovative companies in aviation.
sparkie624 -4
I do not see this as a good move for Electric Aviation... The only advantage I see to Electric A/C is that the CG won't change as you burn fuel... everything else to me seems to be disadvantages... I think these things are a bad idea! At least a Tesla can pull to the side of the Road for a Battery Fire, the Pilot will probably not be that close to an airport. they may be ok for pattern work with Touch and Goes and Stop and Goes, I would not even trust one to go to the Practice area. In a long run, will cost more to operate than the Gas Versions.


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