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Boeing's Incompetence May Have Led To Hundreds Of Dead Passengers, According To Investigation

Emails handed over to congressional investigators show a Boeing pilot claiming to use “Jedi mind tricks” to convince key players that 737 MAX pilots did not need specialized training if they flew the previous 737 aircraft, Bloomberg Businessweek reported. ( Altro...

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Funny there is no mention that Legacy carriers ordered the Max with the optional AOA disagreement annunciator light and the optional warning located on the flight display unit? Leasing companies in keeping with maximizing profits ordered aircraft with bare minimum equipment then leased them to carriers who had crews barely competent enough to fly the classic let alone the new electronic wonder? Proof positive is the smart ones on this site remember the words” what’s it doing now” and then 10 seconds later “ look it’s doing it again”? Maybe it’s time to introduce into the cockpit takeoff briefing, the required memory items for bird strike and stall malfunction/indication in addition to the age old engine fire/failure or control issues associated with inadvertent reverser deployment. Bill Lear nailed it with a little red button that stopped everything (trimwise) but left the aircraft flyable for those who were competent.
bentwing60 1
Spot on HF, and why was there no outrage and indignation when AF447 took a dip in the Atlantic and AF296 took a stroll through the forest in two of AB's mainstay products? As well, AF296 with their top crew members at the helm to demo. how smart they were. Had the vast majority of AF296 crew and Pax. not been lucky or devined enough to escape the burning heap, the death toll for the two events would have been 364. The MAX crews took out 346, an odd juxtoposition.

William P. Lear was an unacknowledged savant in the mainstream!


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