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Op-Ed: Diving Into The Electric Air Taxi Fallacy

There has been a lot of chatter in the news about urban air taxi services, particularly electric vertical take-off & landing (EVTOL) vehicles. A couple of companies, in particular, have been receiving quite a lot of buzz. ( Altro...

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canuck44 2
Line up...this is Solyndra with wings or propellers This may become a reality for the downtown to airport shuttle but beyond that current technology is no different than the electric cars where weight vs range. Very few are to stop every 250 miles for a long recharge or an exchange. They say strike while the iron is hot and the current Administration being driven by the left will tuck funding into one of their Green Infrastructure programs which magically will disappear after picking up two or three more "grants". You know who will get the bill like the $500 million we ate on Solyndra
bentwing60 1
Your clarity is spot on and the mega media that Never, ever acknowledged the Solyndra hoax will bury this pipe dream, (scam), as well, when it never gets off the ground. Probably a panetta proposal? umpteen grants later.


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