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US-China relations: Beijing’s plan for aviation supremacy faces bumpy ride as American export controls show no signs of easing

China’s plan to become a powerhouse in civil aircraft manufacturing could be derailed by US export controls on aviation products, as tension between Beijing and Washington shows no sign of easing despite a new administration in Washington. A trade war between the world’s two biggest economies has morphed into a battle for tech supremacy that has spilled over into the aviation sector in the past two years. ( More...

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EMK69 3
Good article and one that is very complex but well written. I wouldn't be surprised if the C919 doesn't start using the Russian PD 14 engine and a redesign of the avionics packages considering their recent announcement on joint space ventures.

The C919 is behind the power curve on world dominance considering the Max and A320 pretty much are the workhorse of the world....their best bet would be to look to the future by creating the next short hauler.
Cansojr 1
All the Chinese appear to be doing is copying proprietary technology illegally. They have stolen and reverse engineered Next Gen. Russian fighter technology. Boeing and Washington have every reason to be wary of Chinese copying hi-tecj illegally.


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