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A Boeing 737 MAX Name Change Would Be Silly

On Monday one of the large Boeing 737 MAX customers suggested that the manufacturer should rename the aircraft. However, Boeing’s new CEO David Calhoun has said changing the name will be silly. ( Altro...

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ADXbear 6
Not just silly but speaks to dishonesty and coverup which seems to. Be Boeings mode of operation these days.
indy2001 2
After Valujet's 1996 crash into the Everglades, the airline changed its name to AirTran. That didn't fool passengers either.
Is the flying public considered to be really that stupid, that nobody would know it was the same jet?
Richard Tarr -3
Don’t think that would work the lawyers would have a field day with deception and misrepresentation.
Unless they declared that originally it was an aircraft with design faults that caused the loss of 346 passengers
Can’t see anyone with half a brain would want to fly on the max or trust Boeing and the authorities to correct the problems.As a previously commented on this site the best thing to do for the airlines to return them to Boeing and get their money back


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