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No fly zone: SFO bans sale of plastic water bottles

In an unprecedented move for a major American airport, SFO is banning the sale of single-use plastic water bottles. The new rule — which exempts flavored water — will apply to restaurants, cafes and vending machines in the airport. ( Altro...

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thegrump 3
On a recent cruise, I learned to avoid looking down at the water during the day. Even hundreds of miles from any land at all - inhabited or not - it was rare to be able to *not* spot a variety of plastic bags, jugs, bottles, etc. no matter where we were. Leaving aside whatever ill effects it has, it just makes humanity (and the US in particular) look like slobs.

I agree it's a PITA, but, we gotta have some better alternative. AL cans? I believe they are easily recyclable, at least *somewhat* biodegradable, and (Hello, Fosters) available in a variety of sizes to suit your thirst level.

Actually, I think they sell "beer" (or some water-like facsimile) in bottle-shaped cans. With screw-on lids. Am I wrong?
canuck44 2
You are right but the vast majority comes from Asia. The top 10 are: China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Egypt, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Bangladesh in order of amount. Much of it drifts in the direction of the America.
stacey gordon 1
Very true Canuck
Torsten Hoff 1
Some breweries have in emergencies switched their bottling operations to fill cans with water normally used to make beer. I would personally much prefer a aluminum can over a plastic bottle.
stacey gordon 2
Also.... glass and metal weigh more, which will increase the carbon footprint of transporting these things. The production of aluminum requires mining and smelting (very polluting), so on, and so forth. There is no free lunch.
mary susan watkins 2
basically,a lot of people are too lazy to recycle and they just throw plastic of any and all kinds into their trash..when there is a disaster of any kind, the first thing sent is large crates of bottled water in plastic containers..people buy water at the airport because bottled water on airplanes is not free,and the potable water from which they make coffee on planes, has an awful after taste..the solution is not clear,unless the restaurants,cafes and the people stocking vending machines,serve spring type water from paper containers, such as those used for milk or for childrens fruit least paper,even with some wax,does not have the "afterlife" of plastic, and can be easily disposed of..
stacey gordon 2
Is soda still in plastic? Just wondering.
linbb 1
First thing they said on TV was because they don't recycle them. Really? Why not? Oh forgot its another CA thing why after all everyone will be carring there own water bottles. Oh another thing they are going to use glass and metal ones to sell instead of the plastic ones. Really? So now you will have to contend with broken glass as am sure when they are dropped nothing will happen. NOT DIMB idiots not thinking again.
Brian James 2
PEOPLE don't recycle them. The airport does and has separate recycle receptacles for trash that can be recycled.

There was once a day when people didn't have plastic water bottles. What did you do then? Can you do that again? This may be a California "thing," but it's important to OUR environment (I live in the SF Bay Area). Carrying your own water bottle and filling it at the free hydration stations will save you money and will not affect your travel with water.

Recent studies have shown that plastic water bottles leach into the water they hold and that leaching plastic goes right into your body when you drink the water. So getting rid of the plastic bottles is also good for your health.

It may be a California thing, but its a good thing.
canuck44 1
You forgot single use waxed cardboard cartons like milk etc. Then we can do as I do and recycle the carbon by burning them.

I am waiting for them to ban single use syringes.
stacey gordon 1
Just wait until there is another earthquake in northern cal. We won't be able to send them bottled water during the crisis.


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