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Man lights cigarette on Spirit Airlines flight in startling viral footage

Wild footage from a Spirit Airlines flight to Minneapolis, Minnesota, shows a passenger who began smoking mid-flight, breaking one of the cardinal rules of air travel. The clip, recorded by a fellow passenger on May 21, captured a visibly intoxicated man in a dark tee shirt and khaki shorts light up and take a puff before lowering the smoking cigarette to his lap and seemingly falling asleep. A man sitting across the aisle from the rule-breaking passenger can be seen flagging down a flight… ( Altro...

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Cansojr 3
How utterly brain dead can that person be. The signs, the lights, the announcements. What is wrong with this human being. Aviation has been no smoking in North America since the AIR CANADA Cincinatti accident several decades ago. There is no room for this nonsense. Fortunately someone put a end to the flammable idiot.
ThinkingGuy 2
Every day, users of cocaine, crack, and heroin are willing to commit crimes such as fraud, robbery and burglary, in order to feed their drug habits. Is it any surprise that nicotine, one of the most addicting drugs in existence, would drive someone to violate an FAA regulation?
paul trubits 2
There is gum and nicotine patches. You don't need to smoke to get your fix.
scott8733 2
Maybe the guy tried the patch but couldn't keep it lit.
Cansojr 1
What unique thought, never thought of that angle excellent thinking!
Pa Thomas 1
What is wrong? Selling alcohol at an airport.
scott8733 1
One of two things needs to happen if people can't exercise self control- either get put on a lifetime 'no fly' list after one offense, or everybody has to hit the breathalyzer prior to boarding. If they're over the legal limit, no go.

I suppose it's gotten to the point if crew members have to, so do the pax. Sucks for the rest of us that a few bad apples continually spoil it for all of us.
Kobe Hunte 1
People just don't think. He was probably on his 30th cigarette for the day and high as a kite. He shudda got kicked off the flight. People that backchat the stewards/stewardess get kicked off, why wasn't he if he was "visibly intoxicated"?


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