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United Airlines Pilot Removed from Flight After Giving Bizarre Rant About Her Divorce Over Intercom

A United Airlines pilot was reportedly removed from a flight after giving a bizarre rant about her divorce and politics over the intercom, causing passengers to feel unsafe and exit the airplane. ( More...

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Randall Kimm 1
That's the big scare, who's up "front" and how well is the human unit responding to the unprogrammed situations?

Mark Lansdell 1
I think the flight deck is not the place to discover that the commanding officer is unfit to operate a flying vehicle. This poor soul was and maybe still is tortured over her personal situation and maybe more. We probably all recall at least one sloppy flight physical. I recall one in the 60s that consisted of a greeting by the medic, then a question, "how do ya feel" and finally "what color is that trash can over there"? It may have been ligitimate, but it seemed a bit casual to e at the time.


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