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Signature to Buy Landmark Aviation for $2.1 Billion

LONDON — BBA Aviation said on Wednesday that it had agreed to acquire Landmark Aviation, a provider of refueling and other ground services at airports, for $2.1 billion in cash from the Carlyle Group, the private equity giant. The deal is expected to significantly expand BBA’s Signature Flight Support business, a so-called fixed-base operator that provides refueling and other aviation support services to the owners and operators of private, business, military and commercial aircraft. After the… ( Altro...

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The loss of competition is a loss for the consumer.
Bend over!
John Salem 2
Just got 120 gal of fuel at signature in RDU last night and was quoted 5.42 / gal. They forgot to mention sales tax, fuel transfer fee, etc.
bentwing60 2
I have pretty much been in the habit of buying at least some courtesy fuel, especially from the mom and pops. But with these guys you gotta get out a calculator or sharp pencil to figure out if they are screwin you more on the ramp fee or the min. fuel purchase necessary to waive it. Welcome to the modern world.
A good friend who is director of aviation and chief pilot for a big corporation e-mailed me about this and said, "Get your checkbook out."
Landmark is bad enough, but from I hear about Signature, it's just another driver for owner-pilots being forced out of general aviation.
sh33sherpa 2
$700 "Handling Fees" in some locations, and I have to kick the chocks out myself.
DSteiner 3
Aviation is going to less affordable. Signature is a ripoff.

sh33sherpa 3
Agreed!! Also compounded by the fact that it's Signature!
ken burger 1
I work for SFS for years and you get involve in one of the fuel programs things work out. I always tell pilots if you know you going to use that SFS base call it up and see if you can get a better discounted price on Avgas or Jet fuel.[make a note who you talk to).
Signature, landmark and atlantic are all the same. Predators on aviation. If there is no competition on the field, their fuel prices are ridiculous. With competition, they are a little less ridiculous, but still very high. Most of the managers at these facility's are not even pilots and have no clue about aviation. Just my opinion


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