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Qatar Airways unbelievable rules for women

It's one of the world’s fastest growing airlines with a modern fleet, but Qatar airlines has been rocked by reports revealing its shockingly archaic set of rules for female flight attendants. ( Altro...

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preacher1 2
On the serious side, if they don't wanna fly, then don't apply. In reality they don't have any different rules than we used too before flying became WalMarty and Greyhoundy
preacher1 1
Now Mr. Baker dismisses all that as BS and says it's a lie. You don't think a man of his stature would lie, do you?
linbb 1
Third world attitude toward women terrible. Surprised they even hire women and don't use men. Or require outfits covering there entire body. Went thru SeaTac airport a few weeks ago and thought I was in a different country the way the service personnel acted and dressed. Learned some things, non spoke in English, don't get in there way, and all were dressed in black.

Just be happy they fly for someone else. Look it has taken them a hundred years to get into flight - give them a break!
The fact remains that our "right" is not and does not have to be their 'right". If their women dont like it - simply dont apply. That is their call. I, for instance expect every FA to look like Elaine on Airplane...
Their suits are copies of our 1960's stews. Nothing wrong with that - makes for a professional appearance. Can you imagine the Hooters uniforms?
dodger4 1
I imagine those few little gems AREN'T where it stops either.


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