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How vital is it to get a roof over the Filton Concorde?

More than 18 months have passed since the Concorde at Filton, near Bristol, was closed to the public. ( Altro...

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Special airplane for sure. A gamble that didn't pay off though. The airplane industry seems to be littered with them but at least we got to see some very cool planes. If nothing else it has been entertaining for pilots.
My favorite aircraft needs a good home. It shouldn't be allowed to just sit there exposed to the elements so that it deteriorates. You would think that they could get their act together and build a permanent museum / display for the aircraft at Filton. It would be fitting.
"They don't need the electrics maintained because they're just an empty shell but they have to be kept clean." That statement is incorrect. They won't get funds by making false statements like this.
panam1971 1
It would be a shame to lose this piece of aviation history...


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