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reinaldok 0
I liked the one about no smoking in the toilets - They have video-detectors for the captain's entertainment.!!
reinaldok 0
Best thing since the rapper on SouthWest
I've heard some of these on Wesjet as well. They must be doing the flight circuit ... er excuse the pun!
I've actually heard a few of these myself on SWA.
Bcap 0
I got an email a few years ago with all the same wording, but changed to United States based airlines saying all the funny stuff...either way, it's still hilarious!
Tears of laughter. So funny.

Reminds me of Alaska Air back in the good old days. Had a bounced landing and with each touch the FA would say welcome to Seattle.
Toby Sharp 0
Ya......I like the cabin lighting make our flight attendants better looking! LOL
I like that airlines attitude :).


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