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Onboard Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787-9 Inaugural Flight From Honolulu to San Francisco

Hawaiian Airlines’ first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner might have been one the biggest hyped aviation stories in the western hemisphere this year, with promises of a completely modernized long hauler, with new cabins in economy and business/first class. ( More...

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It’s a stable Airline, I believe they have A good reputation and future.
Well it’s not only “ The Aircrafts “ to be fair , Their Service is good , So is their customer service.’

I have Flown with Them on standby on many occasions.
M.F. LaBoo 2
Lie flat seats on a 4h30m flight. The mind boggles.
volvodadfast 7
They are probably going to use these planes on their 10.5 hour Boston flights
jeff slack 3
They also fly to Australia and NZ........... so those lay-flat seats will be appreciated by us down here............ can be up to 10 hours although the normal is 9.5 .......... and most flights leave HNL late in the evening................ Business Class on HA is wonderful.
Roger Anderson 1
Yep this is my guess as well. They dont have equivalent replacements for their A330s, so they may keep the A332s for the shorter routes.
C J 5
If one has the funds to fly first class from SFO-HNL, I'm sure they'd be more than happy to pay a slight premium to have a more comfortable lie flat seat, even if logic doesn't entirely support it.

You have to realize that aircraft are tricked out but not necessarily always assigned assigned to those routes if there is lower than normal traffic, or, in this case, and inaugural flight where they want to showcase their top of the line equipment. I think I read somewhere that the Dreamliner may be the regular aircraft on the SFO to Hawaii flights.
The aircraft look's great, would have loved to been a passenger.
Bob Harrington 1
Yabbut.. only one meh photo of the outside? Argh! :^/


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