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Detroit-Bound Delta Air Lines Flight Returns to Amsterdam After Maggots Fall on Passengers From Overhead Bin

A Delta Air Lines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit was forced to turn back due to an unusual mishap: maggots falling onto passengers. A suitcase in one of the overhead bins broke open approximately an hour into the flight. Shortly after it broke open, unfortunate passengers reported that maggots in a bag of rotten fish began falling onto them ( More...

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Bill Schworer 9
Reminds me of a flight I was on leaving New Orleans for Newark, NJ back in the mid-1990's. We were getting ready to close up and taxi when some nasty smelling water started dripping out of the overhead compartment onto a guy's head on the other side of the aisle. It was summer and very humid, most of us thought it was AC condensation. The guy understandably starts raising a ruckus and a flight attendant begins to go through the overhead area looking for the leak. A few cases away is a Styrofoam box turned on its side with water oozing out through the lid as it wouldn't fit right side up. The FA pulls it down and lifts the lid off, its packed pretty full of live crayfish. A near altercation in the aisle then took place between the guy who got dripped on with the smelly water and the crawdad box owner. I was sitting next to a huge guy from an eastern European country who looked like he could have been part of the mafia, he couldn't speak English but he was laughing incredibly hard repeating several times "Americans!, Americans!"

The guy who got dripped on was reseated up front and we took off a few minutes late. The crawdads stayed in New Orleans.
Chris Muncy 3
^^^this made my day! Thanks Bill!^^^
Greg S 8
The real story, the one we really want to read about, is an interview with the idiot who owns the suitcase.

Chris Muncy 3
Alternative link:
godutch 6
Yeah...I read it at another source. I don't even TRY to pull up articles linked to AeroXplorer anymore...
Chris Muncy 3
That's why I always try to get an alternate link for the team here.
sparkie624 4
Thanks for the good link.. Interesting Article... I can imagine there was some screaming in that cabin... LOL
godutch 5
You people and your AeroXplorer links. Fail.
Greg S 5
You got in before linbb, good for you.
linbb -3
Yup try to get my two cents in on some items that seem to go no where first. Lots of trolls on here as of late.
JJ Johnson 2
Destination Detroit? Well, well, well.
Gary Fonternel 1
I see what you did there.
Sorak 2
I don't see the ads on aero explorer. My firewall must already have an exclusion for them. If you right click on the ad and see what site they are coming from, then you just deny traffic to or from that site in the firewall. No adblock needed the request in the page for the ad site simply never reaches the ad site and nothing is loaded. Because this is done at the firewall level, it works for all applications immediately. This isn't a vpn. Its all directly on the device.
ok..yikes and really gross!i have heard of similar incidnents in the past..does anyone remember that old movie"snakes on a plane"???
Stephen Rogers 1
That would almost ruin my appetite. I'd skip the in-flight meal.
sparkie624 1
Almost... Ugh! - You have a stronger Stomach than I do!
Stephen Rogers 1
4 years, 8 months, 4 days, and 32 minutes in the Marines destroyed my taste buds.
Derek Vaughn 1
"Maggots are falling like rain" - Gwar


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