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How a 1926 Law Affects U.S. Airline Workers Today

As labor disputes heat up in the U.S. ahead of a busy holiday season, it is important to understand the key piece of legislation that governs them. ( More...

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A fascinating history lesson, explaining a 97-year-old piece of US legislation.
sparkie624 9
Good Article.. I used to have to deal with that.. So glad I am not in a Union Any Longer... In a Non-Union environment and everyone works so much better and the Employees are not pitted against the union.. Maybe pay is better, but most of the time the Work Environment between management and employees is crap. I only know of 1 incident the union helped me, but hundreds of times that it hurt.
btweston -7
The healthcare is also better. But sure. Save money for your bosses. They will totally make it up to you.

I am laughing hysterically.
sparkie624 5
Why are you laughing... There is no humor there. Please explain. Every Non-Union Job that I have had has been 10 times better work environment than the unionized! Money is not everything and it is nothing if you don't have happiness and Happiness can be bought!
Dale Nuss 4
I have had both union and non union jobs. Can’t say one is better than the other. I’d rather have a union to deal with poor bosses and supervisors. I also enjoy the extra cash by not having to pay the union dues in the other jobs. It all depends on your perspective and personal experiences.
Tim Dyck 2
Many non unionized companies offer better wages and benefits to keep the unions out. I work for a company that does that and the working conditions are better than union shops.
Brian De Jong 1
What company do you work for? My non union experience has been abysmal. I’m close to retirement, but if I had it all to do over, I would never work for a non union carrier.
Joe Daskalakis 1
Fun fact: UPS started as a trucking company that became an airline, so they are not beholden to the RLA. FedEx started as an airline and is beholden to the RLA.
John Graham -5
Yay for unions. Without them we'd all still probably working 18 hour days
C C 2
They did help turn around some deplorable conditions, but that was 100 yrs ago. Since then they have been infiltrated by the mob and now employ worse management than are in most companies they are working in.

As a manager that walked into a plant that had a history of violent union/company conflicts there was a feeling of lasting détente. But that was at the cost of worker safety as the Union refused to allow us to reassign or fire an elderly woman who weekly caused life threatening accidents. Her coworkers were rightfully concerned but the Union turned a deaf ear to their fears as well.

From transport to auto manufacturing unions are causing more harm than good as they posture for their next market.
sparkie624 1
100 Years ago.. Yes, but that was before there were any regulations on safety and other items as well. There used to be a good reason for Unions... But not any longer in my opinion.
Tim Dyck 1
I would like to think that we no longer need Unions but some companies deserve them.
C C 1
That was the gist of my post, yes.

[This poster has been suspended.]

sparkie624 5
I support Israel... How about you Boycotting all the treads I post in!

[This poster has been suspended.]

Tim Dyck 3
You’re the one supporting genocide. Read the Hamas Charter, if clearly states what they want to do to the Jews.
Now take your hate somewhere else, this is an aviation site not a place to argue the values of terrorism,
Good call. Sometimes, a democracy just has to cope with the fuckwits.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Bollocks. I'm out of this one.
sparkie624 2
He is a Troll... has nothing else todo but cause problems... Anymore I just down vote him and if everyone else does, his messages won't be shown. Hopefully Flight Aware gets rid of him soon.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Tim Dyck 2
This site is for anyone interested in the aviation industry. I am not a pilot, I don’t own a plane, I used to fix them but not anymore. I work in the north and fly to and from different places and have an interest in aviation so I come here to keep up with what is going on. I have learned a lot from many of the members and I suspect that most are happy to pass on their knowledge and experience. That is the best part of this site, the worst part is when people try to argue politics or tell others they don’t belong here.
As I said in a different post, if you can’t be civil and act like an adult perhaps you would find Facebook or Twitter a better fit.
Have a nice day.
Bill Flowers 2
he's one of those idiots from Canada. just don't pay any attention to him...
Brian De Jong 3
I support Israel 100%!


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