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Turkish Airlines inaugural Detroit flight

Earlier today, November 15th 2023, Turkish Airlines flew its inaugural flight to Detroit metro, DTW. TC-LLU, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner operating Turkish airlines flight 205, would depart from Istanbul, Turkey around 4:30PM local time. After an almost 10.5 hour flight, just before 7pm eastern time, the flight would arrive at Detroit, welcomed by a water cannon salute from Wayne County Airport Authorities Fire and Rescue as it pulled into its gate at the Evans terminal. After about 3.5 hours on… ( More...

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Marvin Luke 10
I flew Turkish Airlines last month LAX-IST in Economy. Food was fine but beware the minimal seat pitch (seat guru says 30). If you have a recliner sitting in front of you it’s difficult to even exit your seat.
Again , please be aware this is an Airline related site .
If one would like to discuss politics, one ought to be knowledgeable and know what they are talking about .
Leaving politics to the politicians, and have an intelligent opinion regarding the subject by which is : Turkish Airlines. No one was forced to attend the inauguration of Detroit new flight .
Mike T 3
Yeah, I am not sure why people couldn't just leave the thread to be about the celebration of a new airline route and aviation but instead had to turn it into a political and current event argument with the added bonus of some idiot repeatedly giving us their opinion and "advice" that no one asked for on the state of Michigan.
Anne Kent 8
Detroit is having a change and you may want to invest while properties are still cheap. It has been rising from the ashes for years and is fun to visit and a great place to eat. Don't visit with attitude and it will be a nice time. It is a real melting pot and yes, Turks are welcome too.

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redlaser has obviously never been to the Motor City. It is undergoing a renaissance and is rising quickly. And to paint the whole state as failed is clearly nonsense.
Turkish Airlines is one of my favorite airlines.
The service is outstanding and the crew members are very welcoming and friendly.
I flew them 2 times without disappointment.
bbabis -1
Turkey is not a friendly country to the US. Why give them access?
matt jensen -7
Correct. Ergodan just declared war on Israel
Keith Caley 0
No he didn't!
There have been mislabelled very old images posted on social media along with fabricated 'reports' - all are untrue.
As usual, it is the work of the 'fifth column' trying to sow dissent amongst NATO members.
I'll leave you to guess which Countries are the source...

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Derek Vaughn 6
You would make great collateral damage.
Nooge -4
Wait...I heard The Commander in Cheat say Viktor Orbán was president of Turkey ?? no ?

In a speech in Florida Wednesday, the same buffoon called the Lebanese Hezbollah group, a sworn enemy of Israel, "very smart," and accused Netanyahu of being "not prepared" for the Hamas attack, which also killed 22 Americans.
matt jensen -1
Viktor Mihály Orbán born 31 May 1963) is a Hungarian politician who has been serving as Prime Minister of Hungary

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s s -3
Should it be one way?

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matt jensen -3
That's my point


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