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Biometrics are the new face of airport security

The company CLEAR claims to provide a biometric solution for airport security. Available at over 50 airports, CLEAR lanes provide identity verification for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The service does not replace physical security screening; the primary benefit of enrolling in CLEAR is that you get to leapfrog to the front of the airport security screening line. Physical screening, in either the PreCheck or standard screening lanes, must still be conducted. The privilege of… ( More...

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Jim Prevo 11
“Leapfrog”? The last ime I went through ATL, the CLEAR lanes were as long as the business class lanes and moving at the same speed. A year or two ago, CLEAR lanes were dramatically faster.
srobak 5
The same thing happened with precheck. At first they flew cause nobody was using them. Then when everyone started using them - they became slower than regular seccheck.
Geoff Rowe 3
Not the case at ATL, I'd agree with Jim Prevo. Flew out of ATL on a very busy Monday morning recently and the Clear lines were definitely slower than the TSA Pre (with Digital ID) line. Yes there is also the regular TSA Pre and now also the TSA Pre with Digital ID.

Pretty soon I think there will be about 30 different lines for various categories of traveler. All moving at a speed related to how much you've paid!

Still, could be worse... you could be in the regular screening line. At ATL allow plenty of time, and pack some snacks!
TSA - Totally Stupid Agency. Not one life saved...and, when tested 90% of contraband flys right through.
David Murphy 1
Couldn't agree more
Raymond Doherty 10
In my recent travels Clear was no faster than TSA Pre√, even slower one time.
srobak 13
More Orwellian BS.
You will own nothing...and you will like it.......
srobak 3
So sad we've let things deteriorate so much.
Christine Smith 16
One nation under surveillance. Chain codes for everyone, coming to a town near you! Frogs in a pot.
ray netherwood 4
Hmmm, at ATL last week, the “priority” Delta access looked like a cornfield maze: crew, handicapped, Pre-Check, Biometric, AND Clear.

Why Clear is stand-alone and not part of the regular TSA process seems a little silly.
Bill Overdue 5
Just wait until TSA starts sorting by gender, then race! Those who are confused, conflicted and in total disbelief of what's between their legs, need not be checked!
Rex Bentley 10
Archey Bunker method of security is best. Make sure everybody on board has a gun.
srobak 3
Amen. Send ammo.
I was walking into Neiman Marcuss at Orlando (Millenia) mall today...saw the "No Guns" sticker on the door....what ever. I went in anyways..... :-)
srobak 1
Just be aware you are likely violating state law by doing that. Most pro-carry states have laws allowing businesses to restrict it by posting signage at the door, and make it a misdemeanor to violate it.
Not in Florida....I did leave one of the safest cities in the nation. Chicago. In the gun-free zone we would only see about 30-40 shootings a week in our ED. Heck, we had to have the police banned from our ED as they were some of the biggest problems we had (theft, harassment, OD's). Had to get our own security (funded by Illinois State Police).

That said, in FL but for a Govt building - we are now a concealed carry state - with (as it is available) or with out training and a license. I, for one feel far safer knowing that a large percentage of the population is willing and able to prevent many crimes.
lfilipov747 13
No thanks. The more people give in to this kind of thing, the less freedoms we will have in the future. Not everyone can see that yet but one thing always leads to another.
tcavin 8
no to biometrics....dump the's all theater
Geoff Rowe 2
Hear hear!
splautz 2
I would help CLEAR a just TSA beta test before buying out the company to use for everyone going through security. Pre-check would still exist of course and the massive line and wait wouldn't go away either of course. All this would do is replace the security guy that checks your ID and boarding pass, saving the government thousands. lol
SkyAware123 2
All these 'leapfrog' systems they come up with are just a giant racket. They get people to sign up and pay for it, it works ok for a year or 2 and then they outgrow capacity and take the same time or longer to get thru security. Rinse and repeat with a new system. Ridiculous and people keep falling for it.
Had CLEAR 7 years ago and it was so fast and easy to get through security. Lines are same as regular security lines now, not worth the money.
This opinion piece is nonsense. "WHO a person is" is irrelevant. It is what they are capable of doing which is the security question. If a "bad actor" has made it to the front of the CLEAR line he is already capable of a mass casualty incident. Checking hundreds of thousands of law abiding individuals seeking (not even catching) the few bad guys is borderline malpractice.
Oh good, more waste in the disgusting, useless waste of tax dollars on TSA....
Bill Overdue 0
Just use the clear advantage ... "profiling", oh wait, that's racist!
John Prukop -2
The future world security police state is here now. All since 9/11 and all so unncessary - because there weren't 19 Ahab the Arabs with Red Bandannas. It was another PSYOP for power and control. Amalgam Virgo was the run-up practive session in June 2001 for the REAL LIVE War Games of 9/11/2001. And everybody has bought into it, includng now the FAA's "NEXT GEN" mantra of ADSB, Big Brothers Aviation Surveillance Program.
Michael Dealey 4
How many people are old enough to remember that the airport security (TSA) we deal with today was supposed to be temporary? Once the government gains a new power, it's never going to relinquish it.


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