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Emirates' President Calls for Airbus A380neo, Predicts 25% Fuel Reduction

Emirates Airline's President, Sir Tim Clark, has reaffirmed his persistent advocacy for Airbus to remodel their A380 with next-generation engines, contending such a change could result in an appreciable fuel efficiency increase of up to 25%. ( More...

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David Thompson 12
Customers have always loved the A380, both in opinion polls and when voting with their wallets. When Qatnas was running both the A380 and smaller aircraft daily on the same SYD-LAX route, the A380 was more heavily booked despite its higher capacity and often higher fares.

And of course we have recently seen many carriers unexpectedly bringing their stored A380's back into service. I strongly agree that Airbus should reconsider the decision to discontinue the aircraft that was their greatest accomplishment. As with the Concorde, it isn't always just about the bottom line. There is an element of prestige at play as well.
hal pushpak 4
Yup, I'd take 4 engines over 2 on any large-ocean crossing, even if it cost a bit more.
SkyAware123 2
The 1970's called. They want you back on their planes.
Mark Snodgrass 7
Love both the A380 and the sad to have to fly on 2 engines across the Pacific
Derek Vaughn 5
Re-engine mod is the best he could get.
Larry Doench 5
Apparently the A380 was a big improvement over the A340 which allegedly was underpowered with five APUs, four of which are controlled by the pilot. Also, it was alleged the A340 only reached cruise altitude due to the curvature of the earth.
ua1kbrad 3
Funny. And somewhat true.
Brian Chandler 2
This will never happen. Unless they want to front the $3b+ in R&D as a sunk cost. They're the only airline in the world that made successful use of the bird and bought enough to make it economically viable
darcy marshall 4
Sorry Doc, the adage since the 737max fiasco is now "if it's Boeing I aint going"
A380, the most popular aircraft ever
ua1kbrad 3
Popular with whom? The airlines hate it, save for Emirates; airports hate it; and Airbus hates it (money loser). In case you can't tell from your in-flight experiences, no one cares what passengers think. I personally think it is ugly as hell.
boughbw -1
That's why the cancelled the line. Did Airbus ever turn a profit on this monstrosity?
ua1kbrad 2
Nope. Not even close.
boughbw 2
I'm not sure why Airbus isn't more seriously looking at the situation. While only Middle East carriers are interested in the passenger version, a re-engined heavy-lift/large size freighter might be a viable endeavor. In its present form, it is unclear that making the necessary changes to the airframe will be possible without compromising the structure. Inasmuch as the A380 is anything else, it remains a marvel of engineering. It is an achievement at the maximum of the envelope for its time. Tinkering too much with it may yield a product that exceeds the envelope. But now that Airbus knows this airframe well and its limitations, a new product might be worthy of consideration. Heck, I read this story as just shy of an offer to bankroll such an endeavor.

Peter Fuller 3
Yes, Tim Clark might have to organize and bankroll an A380 re-engine program, as Airbus apparently has no interest. The precedent is the 1980s re-engine program for the DC8 Super 60 series, using the CFM56 engine (renaming it the Super 70.) That successful effort was not originated or bankrolled by McDonnell Douglas.
SkyAware123 0
Those few a380s left flying by the time they've got it figured out will make it not worth it. Not enough of a market unless they start building a380's again which won't happen.
Greg Kusiak 1
I found the comment about a high wing variant interesting: that would make it look like an Antonov, who will need help re-designing and building a new 225
Peter Fuller 2
Reengineering the A380 into a high wing variant would take so much money and time that you might as well go with a clean-sheet design new airplane. Ain’t gonna happen…
jbermo -3
That ain't gonna happen . . . Scarebus took a serious licking with its A-380.
ua1kbrad 3
Give Airbus 250-firm orders and they would put next generation engines under the wings and sell them otherwise as is. Otherwise, not going to happen.
boughbw -1
Sorry your comment got voted down -- lots of people unable to deal with why Airbus cancelled the A380 line.
Dr John Quinn -9
I would much more trust a re-engined 747 Family, given Scarebus’ (love that!) propensity for software integration issues… whereas, Boeing, because: B52, currently actively being retrofitted, on a 60-yo frame design!
As Marcus Aurelius reportedly said:
“If it ain’t Boeing,
I ain’t going”
-Meditations 16
Colin Seftel 0
An A-380 sized aircraft with 2 engines would find a ready market, if suitably powerful engines existed. I estimate that the required thrust per engine would need to be about 160,000 lbs. The GE90 produces 115,000 lbs thrust and the GEx is supposedly capable of 134,000 lbs thrust, thought it's currently certified for only 105,000 lbs. But eventually we'll get there. As demand grows, 500-seat airplanes are going to become a necessity.


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