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Canada Confiscated Russia's Monster Plane and Gave It to Ukraine

Canada plans to hand over to Ukraine a privately owned AN-124 that it illegally seized after closing Canadian airspace to Russian aircraft last year. The Volga-Dnepr AN-124 arrived in Toronto on February 22, 2022 ON A HUMANITARIAN MISSION with a plane-load of Covid-19 test kits just hours after the Canadian Transport minister closed Canadian airspace to Russian registered aircraft. In addition to the theft of this aircraft the Canadian government claims that Russia owes the airport $300,000 for… ( More...

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Harry Venison 8
Good, Fk the Russian Government.
Raymond Doherty 32
Who wrote that summary? Totally misrepresents the article, which does not say the An-124 was illegally seized.

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W B johnson 14
Well, let's see: Russia has invaded a sovereign country unprovoked, has intentionally targeted Unkranian hospitals, civilian apartments, and schools for annihilation, destroyed civilian infrastructure and utilities, used their own prisoners for cannon fodder, and stolen Ukranian children...guess I have a hard time wadding up my panties over the theft of one AN124 as a gift to Ukraine.
Tim David -7
Well, let's see. Ukraine's current government was installed by a coup that was backed by the U.S. government under Obama and Biden. Biden made sure that a prosecutor that was investigating the company that hired his son (Burisma, a Ukrainian company) was fired before they gave Ukraine a loan guarantee? Things are not as cut and dried as you would have us think, W.B. Would you have an easier time "wadding up your panties" over someone in your family being sent to die to protect Biden's investments in Ukraine? Because that's what's happening right now.
Alex K 5
"Installed by a coup" my tail assembly. Ukrainian here. Nobody can pay my people enough to die for freedom. Understand?
Gene Aker 7
Who wrote this? Kremlin mouthpiece Tucker Carlson?
Tim David -9
Ah, so anyone who questions the regime narrative about the war in Ukraine is a "Kremlin mouthpiece"? Kind of small minded of you. Can you tell me what the endgame in this war is? Is it regime change in Russia? Who approved that? Who approved U.S. boots on the ground in Ukraine? It always starts the same way. The "othering" of people who disagree with the approved narrative. Identify, marginalize, isolate. Saul Alinsky would be proud of you Gene. And you probably don't even know who Saul Alinsky is. Educate yourself. Stop following the crowd.
Stephen Leftly 3
In the larger sense it doesn't matter how the current government came to power.

What does matter is that clearly the current government has the overwhelming support of the people of Ukraine. It can not be denied that the Ukrainians are fighting like demons to defend their country.

On the other side we see an unprovoked attack on a country by a military that is clearly targeting civilians. The only "defense" that Russia has provided is that they didn't like the new regime.

The war crime claims against Russia appear to be be based on real evidence. Putin has made it clear he wants to reestablish the old corrupt USSR no matter what.

As for the endgame...from the Ukrainian perspective it is to kick the invaders out of their country.
Andres Trujillo 11
Who is this person, and why are they pushing Russian talking points right into my inbox? FlightAware needs to vet these things a little more carefully.

And to those concurring with the Russian talking points: I’d like you to explain how Russia’s invasion of a sovereign country, seizure of its territory, and kidnapping and brutalization of its population squares with international law. Please do better than “both things can be wrong and illegal.” The law exists to serve a purpose — to facilitate peaceful coexistence and deter might-makes-right dynamics. This is the exact purpose that the seizure of assets serves.
Robert Gillette 10
Are we outsourcing summaries of these stories to Russia Today?
scooteral46 3
What about all the leased aircraft Russia has not returned and stopped payment on the leases???
linbb -6
Well lets see since you dont keep up with things on here was posted early this week about it. Try to keep up with what has been posted.
Jaime Terrassa 0
that what I call one he.. of a plane on steroids

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David Beattie 23
Yeah, like stealing somebody’s country!

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Stephen Leftly 1
I tell you what - we will take it off the reparations bill that Russia owes for the huge damage they have done in Ukraine. Hell that doesn't even cover the cost of the An-225 that Russia destroyed.

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Jim Welch 15
“Unethical action” against Russia?!?
Have you been living under a rock, comrade?!?
mikeenderle 1
Yes. It's not the only case of us in the West unnecessarily provoking this conflict. Do you even know why Russia is in Ukraine? Or do you only listen to what the TV tells you?

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Philip Lanum 0
Look up asset seizure, learn a little.

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Stephen Leftly 1
Consider it a down payment on replacing the An-225 that Russia destroyed!


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