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What could go wrong?

The owner of a Falcon 900 probably thought the worst thing that could happen on April 2 was a runway excursion at Aspen Pitkin Airport, but he or she would have been wrong. ( More...

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James Simms 16
1 April? Bad April Fool’s joke all the way around.

Joe Patroni wouldn’t have allowed it to happen.
dmanuel 7
Very clever James. It makes for a vivid mental image (for those of us who caught the reference). Thanks
James Simms 1
Thank you !!
royalbfh 6
I am laughing out loud, as i was coming up with a pithy "Airport" referece yours was perfect! A little quote thread!
Mr. Patroni, she won't take much more.

Joe Patroni: Well anyway, she's gonna get it.

Mel Bakersfeld: Joe, the plows are moving. Shut down and hold on! Joe Patroni! Do you read me? Acknowledge!

Mel Bakersfeld: Joe! Shut down!

Cockpit qualified young man: Mr. Patroni? Don't you hear him? Shut down.

Joe Patroni: I can't hear a thing. There's too much noise. Hold on. We're GOIN FOR BROKE!

Cockpit qualified young man: [after the plane gets out of the ditch] The instruction book said that was impossible.

Joe Patroni: That's one nice thing about the 707. It can do everything BUT read.

[throws his chewed and soggy cigar over his shoulder]
Rick D 6
Good one, James. How many people know who Joe Patroni is? George Kennedy, at his best
David Beattie 5
Ha! My first thought! Where’s Patroni!?
bbabis 4
Awesome James.
James Simms 1
Thank You !!
Peter Haschytz 3
LOL, good one!
Mike Eppright 3
Joe knew to use planks.
Mike T 13
The airline I used to work for ran one off a runway. They told the ramp dont go near the plane or try and move it. We had a full recovery trailer with all the tow straps, boards to put in the mud, jacks and the dynamometers. You have to actually monitor how much force is put on the gear. If you go over what the amm says then you're changing 3 landing gear. You also would never pull a plane A. by the nose and B. forward. Just shows that these guys had 0 clue what they were doing.
James Simms 1
Kinda reminds me of the Three Stooges scene from ‘It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World’.
Torsten Hoff 8
Never go with the lowest bidder.
Highflyer1950 13
The weakest link may not have been the nosegear but the space between the ears of the author who planned this recovery?
Juan Jimenez 6
Calling that stupid would be an insult to stupid people.
Jim Welch 4
Thing is, everyone here, as soon as we saw the first frame of that video, knew what was gonna’ happen.
“It was at this moment, he knew he’d screwed up.”
James Simms 1
That’s going to be an expensive insurance claim.
Dave Mathes 4
...I love the "this is better than the super bowl" comment...
rbt schaffer 3
So ...ummm... how they gonna get it out of Aspen to fix it at a proper shop.
‘Hello Mr George, how much you pay for the new guy?’
Philip Mitchell 2
Is it back on dry land?
themold 2
I don't know who or what I'm sadder for,the airplane or the flight crew.
Phil Nolden 2
The mains, the mains.... with trenches dug to the pavement...must have been newbie to hook up to the nose gear.
john bramble 2
remember the time we were towed into a snow bank in a 74 the wing and body were stuck big time, went to the basement and was looking at the NLG from the hatch, it was swaying big time, put a stop to that pretty quick. took awhile to free that
Not sure if "excursion" is the right word here..
sharon bias 1
All the whining private plane owners who couldn't get home because of the closed runway probably caused the airport to make this poor decision. Easier to pay for damages to the plane than piss-off a dozen Bill Gates of the world. Have no idea if Bill Gates was there, but you get the idea.


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