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A second close call at Hollywood Burbank

The second close call in 30 days. This city has been fighting to close this airport because housing and businesses are bumping up against the airport perimeter. It doesn't leave the pilots much wiggle room if an emergency happens, and it's a relatively short runway to boot. ( More...

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Tom Lipa 24
"Southwest 225, go around." How is that a close call ffs.
John Jurik 18
It’s not. It’s the media riding this nonsense.
panam1971 5
True. Most news media have no idea how ATC or aviation in general works.
James Werner 14
1. Why was the LAPD helicopter not in communication with the BUR tower? Seems to me the pilot should face some disciplinary action for failing to obtain permission to approach/land? Or, if they did obtain permission for touch-and-go, how was this a surprise?
2. BUR authority was established in 1928, ninety five years ago. Why did the zoning officials allow recent development to encroach on its glide path/air space? And, why is this the airport's problem/fault?
3. How is a routine go-around a near miss? Must have been a slow news day.
Dave Rowley 2
LA Fire not Police...LAFD
Bryce Larson 12
As Tom Lipa mentioned Go Around is not a close call. The City is probably happy if their trying to close the airport. And the Press is supporting them by writing exaggerated story lines.
Nathan Cox 10
This is really a non-event. ATC saw the issue, SWA saw the helicopter and the system did its job.
Craig Good 7
That's not a "close call". That's the system working to correct itself.
John Taylor 6
"The plane was a mile out when air traffic control noticed a Los Angeles Fire Department helicopter doing touch-and-go landings on the same runway."

So, the controller just happened to notice the helicopter bouncing around on an active runway with inbound aircraft using that runway. Aren't helicopters, or any VFR aircraft supposed to be in touch with ATC while doing touch and go's in controlled airspace? Sure the actual go-around is no big deal per se but that sounds like someone screwed up somewhere.
Bruce Johnson 4
Does a helicopter HAVE to practice their landings on an active airplane runway? Especially an airport with no helipads. A helicopter can land on any horizontal surface, so why not practice touch-and-gos in a large empty area? I know that LA is crowded, but there must be some empty space somewhere.
gregger77 3
Pick one of dozens of deserted shoppping mall parking lots.
KC Hoover 4
I have flown in and out of Burbank many times. I am not a pilot. Compared to O'Hare take off and landings, Burbank is a never mind.
yatesd 6
I note how the poster (sharon bias) of this tidbit editorialized with content that wasn't mentioned in the linked article.
Edward Luczak 15
Well her name is Bias.
Jim Cunningham 2
Not a close call, sometimes at a busy airport someone has to do a go around!!
panam1971 2
My local airport (KGRR )gets fairly frequent air ambulance helo flights (Aero Med is based there) and ATC will always instruct inbound or outbound helos to stay clear of the active runway. I am only an aviation enthusiast and not a pilot, but this type of precaution seems reasonable based on my many years monitoring ATC.
Phil Nolden 1
Went in there a lot when I was working (MD-80). Landing was bad enough, but taking off was worse, watching the freeway traffic getting and closer as you rushed towards the concrete barrier, waiting for Vr.
MrTommy 1
It seems like all airports were originally built on the outskirts of cities and towns. When these cities and towns grew and moved in next door to the airports, suddenly the airports are at fault for noise and proximity to the 'neighborhoods'. Tough!
Dave Rowley 1
LAFD is losing heritage pilots and hiring woke. Used to ride as helitac and refused to fly when the newbies showed up. Fire 3 crashed and killed because LA city used vietnam 206's. Loved my LAFD career but hate the personnel hiring agenda
Bob Thomas 1
Ask and FAA Chief Controller after Regan fired the lot and they will tell you a military controller's training was impressive.
Bryce Larson -4
One issue might be the GOVT has instituted lower standards for hiring in GOVT and Military. i believe FAA has done the same. We throw out Meritocracy and replace it with Equity and Social engineering.
Bill Overdue 2
I concur, and there's many examples to support it! Why do you think they're taking about upping the retirement age!
James Simms 1
EVA 15 16 Dec 2016
John Taylor 1
I hadn't heard about that one. Here's an interesting article about it.
James Simms 0
EVA 15 16 Dec 2016, she was out of her league. Wouldn’t surprise me if the recent DCA & AUS or maybe even BUR ATC’s were also out of their league.

Not saying minorities should’t be hired, but to have the faa throw out high test scores & throw away how ever how much was spent for classes for social engineering equity & wokeism doesn’t bode well for anyone except who it benefits.

Not only ATC, but any profession whether it be medicine, law, accounting, LEO’s & First Responders, etc…. that I’d want someone in the top of their class working on or representing me or anyone in my family, or anyone else.


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