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USDOT Investigates Southwest After its Collapse in the Midst of Holiday Storm

Southwest Airlines has suffered an operational meltdown across its route network. Nearly 70 percent of the scheduled flights Monday were canceled by the airline, leaving passengers angry, stranded, and confused. ( More...

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Rob Carlassara 14
News flash.

A fancy piece of toilet paper called an " MBA" does not make you smart.
Scumhook 3
True, but it can come in handy if there's another run on toilet paper :D
Tim Dyck 6
Want to make things worse? Just let the government try to fix it.
D Rotten 4
What's to 'investigate'?? THIS is what happens when one hires BOTTOM OF THE BARREL......UNQUALIFIED to even CLEAN TOILETS. 'Get Woke........!"
JimPlez 4
This almost looks like a government operation. I thought only they could have screwed up something this bad.
Charles Boggs 5
So Pete whom doesn’t know anything about transportation is going to make SWA get their act together. Now that is a big laugh. He hasn’t improved anything since being in office.
jbermo 5
OL Herb Keller is rolling in his grave today.
rmchambers 11
What's Buttgieg going to do? he doesn't know squat about airlines, airplanes, but he's getting a crash course in mis-management
Harry Schluderberg 6
The last thin the Airline industry needs is the clumsy ham handed gubment to screwup the works.

But we all know Washington just wants to make headlines to placate those who were effected and look like heroes.
Mark Paladino 5
The gubernmint needs to throw more money at them... That's sure to fix it.
Roy Hunte 4
I like your sarcasm.
Roy Hunte 1
I like your sarcasm.
darjr26 3
Obviously the green new deal is causing the earth to cool too quickly, causing more snow and ice storms. I also heard the EPA stopped Southwest from using “clean coal” to warm their ground crews and device their airplanes. It’s madness out there!
David Purtz 1
Who wants an organization that can't secure our border with Mexico, is $32 Trillion indebt, closed pipelines, has a war going on in Ukraine, expects to be rewarded for failure, paid and keep their jobs, etc. telling an airline what to do? It's obvious SW has sever problems now, but they will work themselves back to nominal operations. Safety is number one, there's no need to fly an aircraft into the ground to satisfy some incompetent government bureaucrat's hissy fit. Remember, the guy in charge (Mayor Pete) believes men can birth babies; think about that.
victorbravo77 2
And, anothing thing. I turned my ad-blocker off and hit the paywall on a redundant article.
D Rotten 1
What's to 'investigate'?? THIS is what happens when one hires BOTTOM OF THE BARREL......UNQUALIFIED to even CLEAN TOILETS. 'Get Woke........!". Where's that video of the 'baggage handlers' trashing people's luggage?!
Gary Smith 0
Buttplug couldn't even fix the potholes when he was mayor of the 5th largest city in Indiana and also while South Bend had among the highest murder rate in the US. He is breathtakingly unqualified for the office he's been absent from for more than 50% of the time.
Gary Bruton 1
These airlines need to be held accountable for their mistakes and/or miscalculations. I got stuck by American Airlines in Manzanillo, Mexico because the pilots exceeded their flight hours. Not weather, not maintenance and not an Act of God situation. Never provided me a hotel, meal voucher or a later flight that day. They simply "screwed" up. Not sure what the individual who monitors the pilots flight hours but he/she should be suspended if not terminated. I will "NEVER" fly American Airlines again and neither will my friends after hearing of my situation. You would have thought they would have given me a voucher for future flight time but instead left me high and dry.
linbb -7
And another repost again and again it happens every day anymore.
Roy Hunte 1
They're flogging this dead horse and wondering why it won't get up.
Larry Toler 25
Poor planning and bad management. When all upper management and chair holders see dollar signs they quickly forget about the employees who in the end represent their "bread and butter" which are the pax. Management is way out of touch once again. Should our government step in? Absolutely not. Time for a shake up and wake up for upper management with not just WN but a lot of corporations. Quit treating employees like crap, let them do their jobs and the true end user; the consumer, will bring back brand loyalty.
Rob Carlassara 1
Chris Hedges ( google him on YouTube) talks about " unfettered capitalism" Its a cancer . plain and simple .

The only way we can save society is to ditch communism, capitalism, obsession for " profit" and let the MAJORITY decide (aka the people.) Enough is enough.
Vaclav Koranda 1
It is not capitalism but human greed. People want to live above the standard they can reasonably afford and that's why budget airlines were created to cater for that need. No wonder their operations are streched to the limit under normal circumstances in order to be able to be dirty cheap and have no buffers for extreme situations like this one. People who cannot afford fly business class shouldn't fly, full stop.
strickerje 4
I don't think it's greedy to expect to receive the service you've paid for.
Roy Hunte 1
What you say is true, but my reference to flogfing the dead horse was referring to the amount of posts on this site about the same topic, sometimes multiple posts from the same persons...
Torsten Hoff 5
To be fair, the USDOT investigation (though entirely expected) is a new development.
Roy Hunte 0

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Lewis Tripp 6
WTF are you to make a statement like that? Must think you are better than others. Make sure mom turns off the basement lights so you can sleep.
avionik99 1
Google the people of walmart and look at the photo's. Then fly SW and you will see for yourself I am right!
Jaime Terrassa -2
you should have way before all this started do your job instead of telling lies


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