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Private jumbo jets fly US weapons for Ukraine to Europe

Dover AFB is where commercial cargo planes are being loaded with lethal aid for Ukraine. ( Altro...

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Also, the use of "private" is questionable but is a sneaky bit of lightweight click-bait. Same old. Same old. "Commercial" would be more appropriate.
I was expecting to hear John Travolta was flying gear in. Click-bait indeed!
AAaviator 34
That is totally irresponsible and dangerous "journalism"! Why don't they just publish the complete manifest of each load, the carrier, tail number, its destination and ETA. And while they're at it, dox the crew too!
Agreed. Dangerous and irresponsible due to the site's very amateur approach.
AAaviator well said.
Bandrunner 1
Away and not write utter rubbish.
Do you honestly think the Russians don't know about this?
AAaviator 1
Your first sentence is incomplete, and undecipherable. Your second sentence tells me, and anyone who has worked deeply within the framework of operational security that you have not.
US government accounts publicly disclose these flights it's no big secret. The US government wants the Russia to know about all the lethal aid it is sending to the Ukraine. They are even boasting about giving Ukraine the intelligence to skink the Moscva and to blow out of the sky a Russian transport killing hundreds of Russian soldiers. The demented and dangerous Biden wants a hot war directly with Russia.
skylab72 2
GAO accounts publicly disclose these flights it is not secret. The US government wants Russia to know about lethal aid being sent to Ukraine. The State Department OKed the release to Ukraine of intelligence that assisted in sinking of the Moscva and the downing of Russian aircraft because killing Russian soldiers is what defeating their world destabilizing aggression requires.
Finally someone who gets it.
Ed Crist 1
Really, demented? I'm guessing you are a Trump fan. Thank God we have a President who will stand up to the "demented" Putin, who is a dangerous, unstable, mentally deranged killer of innocent babies, children, women, and men. If it takes a hot war to rid the world of Putin, so be it.
AAaviator 1
A president (this president??) standing up to Putin? I'd ask if you are kidding, except sadly, I believe you are not. That is an unbelievable notion, and simply out of touch from reality. And then, to be so presumptuous as to automatically relegate anyone who expresses any measure of dissent from the lock-step narrative of the left as being a "Trump fan", and delivered in such a belittling, and mocking manner says more about your character than your ideas. This tribal instinct for a one-way, no middle ground, closed minded view-point while shutting down opposing viewpoints has got to end - on ALL SIDES! Now, I wouldn't have phrased my post in the same manner as Kevin Keswick did, not at all, but I gotta say, yours is no better. And that includes your continued snarky back-hands in the rest of the thread. Why are you so consumed with, and driven by disparaging sarcasm towards others who disagree with you?
biden shows CLEAR signs of dementia.
Ed Crist 1
Thank you for your medical opinion, Dr. SkyAware123. The same could be said for most Republican members of Congress. Including the ex-President Trump.
You should have yourself checked out for sheep and plate-in-front-of-head disease.
Ed Crist 3
Thank you again Dr. SkyAware123 for your medical expertise. I will. I don't know what we would do without brilliant people like you to show us the true way.
Biden hasn’t said Covfefe once in 16 months.
Nothing really surprising. During OEF and OIF the Ramstein ramp often had as many commercial freighters as C-17s and C-5s.
ADXbear 19
Rediculous post! It's been obvious to this in aviation, some things just don't need extra attention for the world to read about, this the use of the word "security"
This article didn't reveal any secrets. It's common knowledge that airlines like Atlas Air and National are being used to transport lethal aid to Ukraine. US Government social media accounts boast of this fact showing pictures of the planes being unloaded
Da Ha 8
Some things are best left unsaid.
Agreed 100% so why was this posted? Sad comment. Hey Mr. FlightAware editor , , , if you exist , , , any comment?
DonDengler 0
It was a joke. Tongue in cheek
Sorry. However, you may want to consider indicating as such in order to differentiate yourself from the flock of nimrods that follow this site. Just saying.
Nimrod is in the eye of the beholder.
Only you can say.
Poor Nimrod. He was a biblical character, great hunter and king of Mesopotamia. Not sure how he got the bad rap.
No doubt but still relegated to the eye of the beholder, yes?
Where's Air America when we need them?
Remember - “loose lips sink ships !”
Unfortunately, nowadays everyone thinks they need to know everything that goes on in the name of transparency. No, they do not.
Just another example of poor "journalism" from this site which is not what it was, and won't be anywhere near that going forward. The purchase of FlightAware has made this not much more than an aviation "rag" (for those who know that term from the past). What is served up as information on Friday mornings is just an aggregation of anything that the "contributors" trolling efforts find. No editorial direction or vision other than broadcast the noise and generate revenue from clicks.
So, bye-bye?

No such luck.

I am a conservative.

Your right to be anywhere will always be supported by me.

Let's convince the progs that's a good idea, shall we?
This government of ours allows too much information of things that do not need to be published, and not enough information on the things really important to publicize. Now Russia knows which airlines to target. I don't blame Flightaware because they are publishing established news. Let's pray for the crews of those planes that now can be considered in harm's way.
The Russians have already shown us that they know what is going on here and you are giving them even more information! Whose side are you on? Play your (and our) cards close to your vest,
I saw many airlines flying mail troops and freight during my tour in Viet Nam it's nothing new in fact I flew on World,Continental and Pan Am in and out of that war zone.
ofcourse. this is no big deal. We're not at war.
Except Putin is pushing the narrative we are at War with Russia. His pal the Pope blames NATO for the War on Ukraine - see a recent WSJ opinion piece.
Opinion pieces are not "news".
It's a bluf. Until we get attacked, it's perfectly safe.
"Loose lips, sink ships".
Small brains, devastate trains
Civilian aircraft is by design, serves other purposes, is cheaper than military uplift, but more so, the optics are very very different. Besides, commercial aviation is more than happy to take the business. Money talks.
The nukes have been on the continent for years. More tactical arms I would guess. Actually more of the same that has been sent earlier. Ammo, launchers, possibly anti-aircraft gear. Not a nice place to be these days. Armageddon-like with the west being the proxy at this point for little Ukraine.
We need to remember that "LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS". This is such a case, never let the enemy know what you are doing.
DonDengler 6
Move our equipment out of Afghanistan left behind by Joe and transfer our billions worth of our equipment is over to Ukraine.
Uh,,, sorry to say that equipment is no longer accessible. If you forget, the USA pulled out and finders keepers. Unless, of course, you are suggesting that the USA re-occupy Afghanistan.
Other than trump said we were leaving more than a few months before HIS leaving...I saw no major movements of material out of Afghanistan. Or did you forget that tidbit of information?
Alan Glover -1
Please tell us Trump would have abandoned Bagram and we'll know you aren't paying attention.
trump couldn't tell you what language they speak or where Bagram even was...or is. trump is clueless.
If you've ever looked at the ADS-B tracking website and looked just at U.S. military aircraft in the air at any given time, you'll see a tremendous number of air assets (and many more aren't shown) including numerous C-17 and C-5 cargo planes.

Why do we need to pay private contractors to haul this gear when we have all these air assets constantly flying training sorties? I know private contractors can theoretically do the job cheaper, but when we've already got capable planes in the air and flying similar training sorties this makes no sense.
I have to agree with others. This is irresponsible journalism. It lends credence to Russia's concerns.
bullshit. We're not at war with Russia. Go ahead and let them shoot one down. The response will be swift. Stop being goddamn pussies.
Darn. I wanted to send a picture of Slim Pickens as Major T. J King Kong riding the nuclear bomb down. I lived through several near misses of WW3. Luckily, cooler heads than yours. prevailed.
Yeah, this tends to get the US military/gun-loving yahoos segment all excited/boned-up.
Gun and military- loving AVOIDS war.

If your enemy believes you mean it, they demur.

If one doesn't understand that walking quietly and carrying a big stick is a fundamental item of the human condition, one displays the lack of sense responsible for most conflict.
You're a true idiot. There is no way Russia will be able to pinpoint out the plane with this cargo out of the THOUSANDS crossing each day. Not to mention there is no territory it flies over that is friendly to russia. You guys are the type that will let russia run all over europe.
Time for your meds but watch out for the goblins in the closet, demons under the bed, and the zombie behind that 1 oddly shaped curtain while on your way to get your clozapine.
oh I see you're quite familiar with the meds. Your dosage is too high bro, you're talking out of your brown hole
The look on your face when Putin starts using tactical (idcwe're lucky)
only tactical nukes. It's your kind that start wars.
No they won't.

These are Oblamer the-gang-that-couldn't-shoot-straight folks running this show.

They actually have a CJC who shared info with the CPC when supposedly worried that TRUMP would start a war (you know, the guy who ended the Islamic State, killed Baghdadi and Soleimani and was responsible for the Abraham Accords).

Why do you think Trump was the only President this millenium because of whom Putin didn't dare take land that wasn't Russia's?

Trump would never have abandoned Afghanistan. He would have wound it down and left Kandahar and at least Bagram just like the US still has bases in Europe because of WWII and the Soviets.

And he CERTAINLY would not have done it during fighting season.

Do you think it was a coincidence that tbe Taliban killed not one US troop since Trump told them they'd get the same treatment other US enemies received if that were to happen?

Carrying water for the current admin is TDS run amok and responsible for the current state of affairs in, among many places, Afghanistan.

That's why legions of us can't bring ourselves to believe 81 million Americans voted for Hunter's dad.

Oh he got the ballots.

Just not the votes.
mbrews 2
No need to post this. Lookup " Operational Security "
If you're saying it poses a risk to operational security someone should tell that to the Pentagon because they are being interviewed for the story and allowed the filming of the air cargo operations.
Cleffer 7
Yeah, that's equally as dumb.
Out of curiosity , how many people here have had DOD OPSEC training?
skylab72 1
I don't recall getting it, but knowing that I was on an exercise in Korea didn't matter, though I did have a roll of film confiscated.
oh no, not opsec again.
Greg S 0
opsec is always a concern but I think in this case it's minimal.
Cleffer 5
I would disagree. Even with the simple flight tracking tools we have available to us now, we could track almost anything heading out of Dover in that general direction. Why risk it?
jptq63 3
1) If Russia did shoot at any of these aircraft (not in Russian airspace…) would it not basically mean war…. Also, would not someone maybe keeping an extra close eye on these aircraft from time to time?

2) Regardless of being shoot at, flying with a bunch of explosive material in your belly might just make me far more concerned about any indigestion.

3) Given it is already known to Russia such material is being flown to Europe from USA, how hard would it be for Russia to not figure out, more or less, where the material will be originating from? I.e. not very likely JFK would let any of this stuff in the airport there (or just about anywhere in NY or a few other states, sorry, tried to avoid an opinion….) or at most other airports not already a military base.

4) Reading the article, what does make me more concern here, is that someone might figure out what trucks (non-military) are carrying what supplies (i.e. tractor trailer full of artillery shells) and an – ACCIDENT – happens with a Tesla on autopilot mode… a few times.
Greg S 3
You've made my point I think. Using simple commercial flight tracking tools available for minimal cost Russia can track these and other flights. They already know about it, why can't we?
Since these planes can be observed with flight trackers, or by people at the airport in Poland, and the planes aren't flying into a war zone because they are not going to Ukraine itself, it doesn't seem like Russia will learn anything it can't figure out on its own or that jeopardizes a mission. No one is publishing the flight times, arrival time, coordinates, etc.
AAaviator 3
That's a very naive and presumptuous remark. You clearly know very little, to nothing about operational security.
Cleffer 2
The issue is that Russia has already threatened to shoot down these very aircraft.
Should not be talking publicly about stuff like this.
Article like this are the kind that draw nations in to conflicts! Today, one doesn't know if it's made up or real!
While I have no issues with the freighters carrying goods to Ukraine, the need to blast his everywhere is irresponsible. Not everyone needs to know what is happening 24/5/365.
Questionable article. Simply does not pass the "sniff test".

Where is the editorial board on such matters? Crickets. Yet again.
If this is fact or not, the consequence could be catastrophic. It makes civilian aircraft a target in a war. Also, if it's true, the Russians would not need this website to be the source of information. They know.
bullshit. go ahead and fly a civilian plane voer eastern ukraine and see if it gets targeted or not already.
God, I sure hope you’re not in charge of anything important that requires rational thinking, like flying an airliner or something. Your hypothesis has already been tested by MH17 and resulted in 298 deaths. I guess you just love the idea of mass slaughter.
Which part is bullshit? The danger to aircraft in a war zone civilian or otherwise?
“Lethal” military equipment? Never heard that term used before! Makes it sound like a nuclear bomb! 💣
fully agreed
Wingrat 1
Really bad reporting. I completely agree with AAaviator.
It’s not going to benefit Ukrainian interests.. Even with spies probably around why allow confirmation. This info might be available were but blabbing like this …never!!
Not to mention that supplying Ukraine with arms is only going to prolong this conflict. Give Russia their buffet zone and they will stand down. How would the USA like it if Russia colluded with Mexico to set up nuclear weapons on the USA/Mexico border? In a statement of sheer hypocrisy, the two faced ScoMo is crying about the Chinese wanting to establish military bases in the Solomon Islands. What's the difference?
Ukraine has no nuclear weapons and wasn't going to get any any time soon. They actually gave up their nukes in the 90's. You're speaking like a true coward.
why do we need to help them fight their war and send them money we have men and women that went to fight senseless wars for our country? they are the ones that should be helped.
America has long had messed up priorities. Biden just gave another $33 billion to the corrupt Ukraine of which untold billions are going to end up in bank accounts for Zelensky and the children of corrupt US politicians. Meanwhile American soldiers who were gravely injured in these insane wars have to rely on private charities in order to reestablish a half-normal life.
You're a putin apologist. Seek kremlin work somewhere else.
No dear, you can point out facts and not have a secret office in the Kremlin.🤡
jbermo 0
Nothing makes better money for civilian heavy lifters than a nice little war!
Previous posts are all appropriate and spot on. Irresonsible, unconscientious ... FA's editors, shame on you!!!
Art Deaton 0
Does this stuff really need to be publicized?

DOWNVOTE on the article.
These private jumbo jet have been operating since the Viet Nam war nothing has changed
All funded by the CIA and a reckless administration
God help us
More plane loads of weapons that Zelensky can sell on the black market. Most of these weapons will not get to the Ukraine forces as Russia has cut-off supply lines to the east.

All of the people on here worried that this "secret" info is being revealed should really be concerned that some of these weapons will fall into the hands of terrorists who could use them to blow commercial airliners out of the sky's over Europe. Once these lethal weapons cross into Ukraine the U.S. has no control over them - the Pentagon has admitted as much. We have seen this happen before. When the Obama admin shipped stinger missiles from Libya's weapons cache to "moderate rebels" (ISIS, Al Qaeda) in Syria some ended up into the hands of the Taliban who used them to shoot down US helicopters.
Can you show a verifiable source that Zelenski is selling weapons on the black market, or even plans to sell them?

"Risk of weapons vanishing as over 20 countries send arms to Ukraine
Diversion to the black market was already a problem there. Now that the pipeline is flowing, there needs to be more controls."

Ukraine struggled with diversion before the Russian invasion, with civilians and soldiers alike funneling weapons into an expansive illicit weapons trafficking network. Although Ukraine ramped up investigations into the theft of military property in 2014, diversion of small and major arms persisted. A Small Arms Survey briefing on illicit arms flows in 2017, for example, found that, of the more than 300,000 small arms that disappeared from Ukraine from 2013 to 2015, only about 13 percent were ever recovered.

As a report from the Stimson Center notes, the risk of diversion of these war-fighting weapons is even higher for international weapons transfers. In fact, the Global Organized Crime Index found Ukraine’s role as a key link in the global arms trade has only grown since conflicts intensified in eastern Ukraine in recent years. This is a bad omen for the recent influx of international arms transfers. On February 28 alone, for example, Finland pledged to deliver 2,500 assault rifles, 150,000 cartridges for those rifles, and 1,500 single-shot anti-tank weapons; Norway donated up to 2,000 M72 anti-tank weapons; Croatia announced it would send $18 million worth of rifles, machine guns, and protective equipment; and the Italian Parliament is considering sending Stinger surface-to-air missiles, anti-tank weapons, machine guns, and counter-IED systems.
Alan Glover -1
Yes, the apologists for Ukraine malfeasance will not hear of it. The proof is they will call anyone who points it out a "tool of Putin".

Americans, Canadians, British, Australian and many others will die because of these arms shipments.

We need Putin gone but as long as you admit that there are no angels in this fight and that many of these free-flowing weapons will end up in the hands of people who will NOT be targeting Russian troops, we can agree.
That’s good, but that is a risk analysis, not a proof of intention, which is how I interpret your assertion in the original post.
Wow! Where’d you get all that detailed information? Work for the military, or something?

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Quick, someone just left the door to the nuthouse open .....
And they breed! ! ! !
trentenjet 2
Quit drinking the Kool-aid
mariofer -1
Ain't none left. You drank it all
While this scenario is unlikely, the much-more-plausible lies of the establishment (covid vaccines prevent infection and transmission, masks work, mandates, curfews and shutdowns are/were worth the damage the scale of which is yet to be determined) were and are still absorbed by much of the general public.

Always demand links to any pronouncement and don't just ignore it because it is not sanctioned by the authorities.

We are all lied to daily by someone.

Always follow the
money and ask who benefits.

For instance, do you support the effort in Ukraine to the extent that nuclear weapons might be used.

Do you understand that the same people who call Putin insane are inducing him to consider using his nukes?

If you know Russia has the most nuclear weapons on the planet and that many of them are unstoppable ICBMs, what is the endgame for this conflict?

Hard choices.

Westerners presumably want all the world to be democratic but it isn't and this is a fact with which we must deal.

Oh, and consider that Trump is so far the only President under whose watch the Russians did NOT take territory the world deems (deemed 😏) not theirs.

Foreign policy matters. 😉
Alan Glover -1
I apologize. I left out the important fact that it was only in this millennia that no other President except Trump succeeded in stopping Russia from taking territory not tbeirs.

In fact, Syrian territory fought over by the Russians due to Obama's drawing of a fake red line regarding the Islamic state declared by ISIL was recovered under Trump who dissolved that brief terrorist iteration I repeat was established during the at tbe very least feckless Obama admin.

Considering it is the same batch of chuckleheads running the current admin in the US, is anyone surprised with this oh-so-predictable come-to-pass?
Well said Mr Alan Glover - the US Govt has been pushing and pushing for years and now they got their wish. Do check how many members of congress invested millions in the MIC in the years before this conflict started.
And let's not forget sleepy Joe's (more like comatose) son Hunter messing around in Ukraine and receiving pay-offs on behalf of his father
Criminals....? They are worse than that Hilary, and why she ain't locked up I will never understand!
Alan Glover -1
And what are the qualifications that allow you to proselytize in such a manner?
Alan Glover -1
Same as yours but with common sense and historical perspective.

Most of us grow out of the hippie phase if not already one of the marxist faculty lounge bots being produced by the universities to our everlasting shame.
If US arms were not making it to the troops, then how did a US Javelin anti-tank missile take out the newest Russian tank, a T90M only a couple of days after it entered the Ukraine?
Greg S 10
QAnon's morons ACTIVATE!
Greg Daley 4
Someone forgot their meds.
Link, please.
Ooooook. Whatever
Do tell us, where "somewhere else" is?

Can you provide verifiable references for your assertions?
AAaviator well said,don't publhis this.


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